Melons Pieced

I started setting these vintage melons in black fabric a few days ago.


Here was the plan for the finished quilt


I got 6 blocks done. (you can see I am getting quilt top buildup on my design floor)


I decided to change my plan.   I just needed to make it different, and everything is better with red, so I did the next blocks in red.

Teddy is testing them out. (the log cabin tops are sort of distracting under it but he didn’t mind)


He likes it.   There is plenty of room for him and his bone in the circles.


Here it is with all 12 blocks


I still need to join the blocks and then maybe add a border.  The finished size will be about 60″ 80″ so I might add a border to make it bed sized. I have more of the red and the black fabric and I have some idea for the border.

Happy Quilting



46 thoughts on “Melons Pieced

  1. kathleen Campbell says:

    LOVE IT! The red with dots is perfect.

  2. Andrew says:

    That’s a great looking pattern. Good work.

  3. Sara says:

    What a difference that change made. It was great with the black, but even better with the added red!

  4. Victoria says:

    I don’t know Tim, I really like the all black background 🙂 but I could be wrong 🙂

  5. Ángela says:

    I can see what Teddy is thinking. He is looking at you with much concern, wondering if you are getting enough sleep and rest. He is also worried that, at this pace, the pile of quilt tops will be so high that he will not be able to climb up for the photo. How many hours do your days have? Mine are 24 hours long.
    Those melons are about ripe, they look yummy.

  6. lorieast says:

    Well, of COURSE the red works! But I liked the black too. Nice job!! (And now you’ve got me thinking about some old blocks I have that need to be addressed…hmmmm.)

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Adding red – brilliant! Your artistic eye/ flair taking us along with your design process is exciting to follow. Thanks for inspiring a beginner!

  8. Ann thomas says:

    I love following your posts. It’s like I can visit you everyday and watch you make quilts. So refreshing. Hi, Teddy.

  9. Marla says:

    Red + polka dots! That really spiced it up.

  10. Cindy says:

    I love your ideas! Red dots and black. I really enjoy your post!

  11. Martha Caterino says:

    I have a design floor, too!
    Beats figuring out how to make space on a wall….
    Love the melon quilt…

  12. Mary says:

    Wow—-You really took it up a notch as they say. Another quilt con entry. Can’t you just join and go to one meeting/yr. says a traditional quilter. 😉

  13. Nancy says:

    Oh I just love the polka dot. Makes for a very happy quilt!

  14. Karen says:

    You really like to shake things up, blindsided again!

  15. Maryse says:

    I like the melons, although I genuinely preferred with the black background … I must make one. 🙂

  16. Shula Mussnug says:

    Love following your posts. Your work is outstanding and inspiring. Thanks!

  17. Pam says:

    So very nice. Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. JanineMarie says:

    I like both ways, but the red makes it uniquely yours!

  19. Rose in VT says:

    Yikes! That red is quite the eye opener! Can’t wait to see what you do for a border. I was immediately thinking a wide red on two sides, and black on the other two, with a cornerstone of the opposite color in the
    bend of the ‘L’.

  20. audrey says:

    Wowsers that red makes everything pop! Really great idea to use the polka dot background!

  21. sandra styve says:

    your melon quilt is awesome..the melon squares and the altering of the other squares go so well together.looks like teddy says it is just great..

  22. Sandra B says:

    You know, I didn’t think you could top the black background…if anyone had suggested another contender, I would have said no way….but once again, you have worked your magic and I love the result!! Really takes it up a notch! And Teddy looks especially dashing sitting on it with his bone! Can’t wait to see the finished quilt….


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