Another Finish

In January I started work on a vintage Applique Kit quilt that I purchased from eBay.


See that post here

I did the hand quilting with size 8 perle cotton thread.

blue perle

I have been asked how much thread it takes to do a quilt.   This quilt is 72″ x 90″ and I used 4 1/2 balls of thread.

When using perle cotton thread for hand quilting most people call it big stitch quilting.   In this case the stitches are not really all that big.  They are larger than I do with standard hand quilting thread but not as “Big” as I would call big stitch.   I have said before that I prefer to call it “Big Thread” quilting.

I used a size 5 embroidery needle to do the hand quilting.
I used cotton batting (Natures Touch) and white backing fabric.

If you have been following the progress you will remember that I spilled coffee on it while I was working on it.


I always wash quilts when I finish hand quilting.   I do get them dirty when I work on them, and I also love the look of a washed quilt.   The shrinkage caused a puckered look and I think makes the quilt look softer, more inviting, more vintage, and adds a lot of texture.

I put a pin in the quilt to mark where that coffee stain was.   I did not do anything to remove the stain before washing. I Washed the quilt in warm water on the gentle cycle.   I used Tide and added a few tablespoons of Dawn to the wash.  The dawn helps to prevent any stray dye from reabsorbing into the white fabric.  Those applique pieces, particularly the red pieces, could bleed into the white.  After washing it went into the drier and dried on the regular cycle.

Here it the spot where the coffee was.


Teddy Had to try it out.


Here are a bunch of picture of the finished quilt (click to enlarge)

Back to work on the next one in the long line 🙂

Happy Quilting



59 thoughts on “Another Finish

  1. Marla says:

    Congratulations on another well-documented, beautiful finish.

  2. Ellen Lessmann says:

    Beautiful–you have inspired me to try my hand with a 1960’s Ebay find. I am still in the needle turn phase, but will send you a pix when I finish. (Note: I said when, not if–This is a ‘bucket list project, and I plan to finish it.)
    I would like to know what batt you prefer for your hand quilting? Also, how much of the pre-marked lines came out in the wash? Thank you for your inspiration!

    • timquilts says:

      I select the batting based on the quilt. for this one i wanted the vintage look so cotton was the choice, I used natures touch cotton because it was on sale. I prefer Mountain Mist Cream Rose, but also like Natures touch. The markings in the kits really don’t ever totally wash out,but after washing you gave to look for them, they do not jump out at you

  3. Sara says:

    Wonderful accomplishment!

  4. Wow! Really beautiful. It’s hard to believe you say applique is a challenge for you because this applique is so gorgeous! And your hand quilting (as usual) greatly inhances and ‘makes’ the quilt! cheers!

  5. Ann in PA says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for the info on removing stains, especially coffee. I use Dawn but never thought to add a tiny bit of it for the laundry. Teddy look so dang cute!!!!! : ))))

  6. Rose in VT says:

    Beautiful finish! As soon as I read the part about the Dawn, I went to put it on my grocery list. Then decided to see what I had under the sink – Dawn!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous!! Dare I ask, … how many hours into the quilting portion of the work?

  8. Jeanette says:

    This quilt is such a beautiful one that you made. Congrats.
    Wanted you to know; at the grocer in the laundry dept they sell Color Catcher(in a box-like softener sheets). it works wonderfully , is inexpensive, and worth the use since some fabrics bleed that you never expected to…..

  9. Pam G. says:

    Absolutely beautiful. FYI – I made it to Michigan finally. 4 hour departure delay so had to spend a night in Indy. Hope the weather holds out on Sat for return to Indy.

  10. helen says:

    I am stunned with admiration!! Beautiful quilt, Tim!!
    Best wishes!

  11. helen says:

    … and lovely dog!! 🙂

  12. Kay in MA says:

    Just amazing!!

  13. kathleen300 says:

    I think I have learned more from your posts than any single thing I have ever gone to or done in the last 20 years of learning to quilt. Thank you so much!


  14. Lorij says:

    Tim, it turned out beautifully!

  15. katechiconi says:

    That’s a beautiful piece of work, one that anyone would be thrilled to inherit – by which I mean it’s an heirloom! Looks like you’ve got stain management all wrapped up too…

  16. says:

    Teddy is so cute. Here’s my Brinkley and Catie…they do the same thing…plunk on the quilt I am working on. Gwen Brock

  17. I am in awe of your quilting skills…just beautiful!! Do you mark the designs on the quilt before you start or do you ‘make it up’ as you go along?

  18. Lori Loff says:


  19. glendajean says:

    Hi Tim and Teddy, it looks so so beautiful, Tim you will never know how much it means to me seeing these quilt tops from the past rescued by you and turned in to pieces of art for these unknown quilters. How happy and proud they would be. SO I will say it for them “Thank you Tim ” Glenda Australia.

  20. Jana says:

    What a beautiful quilt you made. And so fast!
    Greetings, Jana

  21. Deb says:

    Thanks for the info on how many balls of thread you used. I’ve never used this thread before ..would like to try it. The quilt looks great!

  22. bermudagirl says:

    What a lovely result Tim, congratulations on your finish. I absolutely love all the quilting, it looks fantastic!

  23. Robin Sutton says:

    Tim, how beautiful! You continually amaze me with your beautiful work. I admire your ability to rescue a quilt top or quilt or kit and make it into something beautiful and useful. Please don’t ever stop sharing with us; I learn something from you all of the time; the main thing is – get ready – to finish what you start!! LOL After 35 years of quilting I do have some finishes, but I have a lot more starts that are marinating and need attention. You make me more committed than ever to work on my quilts. Thank you!

  24. Bertha Mallard says:

    An heirloom if ever I saw one. Congratulations on a beautiful quilt. Don’t ever stop creating these beauties.

  25. audrey says:

    Beautiful work! LOVE the scalloped looking edge stitching.:)

  26. Sandra B says:

    Congratulations on another great finish! I really have to try quilting with Perle cotton…and I have never used anything but white or ecru for hand quilting…so I need to try branching out on that front as well…thanks for all the inspiration you give us! Cannot wait to see what is up next….hello to Teddy…
    Will your garden be blooming soon? Or will the harsh winter slow things down? Here in Virginia, we are running a little behind and I definitely think the weather is to blame. Looking forward to seeing your garden pictures, when things start blooming!

    • timquilts says:

      months away form anything in the garden….everything is under a few feet of snow now and I don’t see much hope for a melt in the near future

  27. Abigail Rivers says:

    that s mighty good piece of work!

  28. Bonita Fletcher says:

    Hi Tim. Your quilting amazes me, both in quality and quantity! Beautiful work. I haven’t been able to find a size 5 embroidery needle. Is that what I should be looking for or is it a crewel needle?

  29. I admire your hand quilting, Tim! Good Job!

  30. Tim, Thanks for talking about the coffee stain removal. I’m the person that has a white quilt with coffee, cream, and sugar on it. Unfortunately, I am not as speedy with my quilting as you are. I will try your combination of Tide and Dawn when I finish the quilt. I’m hoping it works as well for me as it did for you. Beautiful quilt!


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