Striped Curves

I started working on a quilt in fall colors back in November (see post here: )

I got started on the quilting last night.

To start I tack the backing fabric to the floor (painters tape is another option if you want to save your floor)


when that is tight and smooth it is time for batting.   I am using Nature’s Touch


open that up and smooth out over the batting


next the top goes on smoothing out any wrinkles


I then pin with safety pins.   I do not use many, one on the corners of each block


Next I trim off the extra batting and backing leaving a good amount on all sides so it is easier to hand quilt in a hoop (the extra on the edges holds the quilt in the hoop when working on the edges).


Now it is ready to hand quilt.   I put it in the hoop and take out the pins in the hooped area


I usually try to avoid quilting over seams because it is much harder to go through the extra layers.   In this case I want to follow the curves so I have lots of seams to quilt over.


I am using size 8 perle cotton again for this.


I am not calling it big stitch quilting.   I counted and have 7 stitches per inch.   It is larger than I do with normal thread, but not what I would call “big”.

The quilting will follow the curves and emphasize them.


here is the back (it really is a dark brown but the pictures do not show that)


Teddy had to give it try


He says it is OK 🙂

Happy Quilting


27 thoughts on “Striped Curves

  1. Patty says:

    Getting down on your knees must be an event!! I can’t imagine doing that TIm, you are the MASTER OF IT ALL!!

  2. Patty says:

    AND!! I love the quilt, so graphic!!

  3. Vicki W says:

    This quilt is so striking. It’s going to look fantastic!

  4. Victoria says:

    The “Sedona” quilt! Love it! What size needle are u using? How about another video of you actually quilting?

  5. kathi says:

    Just striking with your choice of quilting pattern. And, as always, Teddy adds a certain something extra!

  6. jrp53 says:

    the quilting will really enhance the quilt. So pretty and Teddy is looking good on that color pallet.

  7. Lorij says:

    Very Pretty.
    Teddy looks serious about his test☺.
    I like the quilting. I’ve found that the long quilter’s straight pins with the yellow ball do well to hold my back down because, the floor is carpeted here then, when I place my batting and smooth it I out, I put a pin midway each side and 1 at the top and bottom. I then place the top smooth it and, put 12-18 large safety pins. 3 across from top to bottom, if it’s a queen size I’ll use four across all the way down instead of 3. I have a little stool I use because I’ve had knee replacement surgery and sometimes my knees don’t like the kneeling😊. I’ve also found that if you pin a regular bath sized towel from the end down and move it as you progress down the side or edges of your quilt it does really well and is easy to work like that. On queen quilts a larger towel was easier to use and held better in the hoop.
    Has your weather warmed up yet. It was 78 here yesterday. I took a break and been piecing a puzzle in between working on a top and making seat covers for my car. Breaks over.
    Happy quilting 😄

    • timquilts says:

      yes I have posted previously about using a towel to do the edges, it is a good solution when the batting and backing is not wide enough. The snow is melting but still a way off from what I would call spring

  8. Sandra B says:

    I had forgotten about this quilt! Love the curved quilting…another amazing quilt almost done!! Cannot wait to see it completely done…I sure wish I could hand quilt with your speed! Takes me way longer than it takes you to get the quilting done….I love the process…just wish I could get more accomplished..

  9. Julie says:

    Love love love the curved quilting.

  10. Nancy says:

    I’m not sure Teddy is thrilled. He has his head down and also one ear. Nope , it’s not his favorite. He was much more enamored of the melons with red polka dots. :-))

  11. Jane Vereen says:

    Tim, your pictures and detailed instructions are always so good. This quilt inspires me to go play with my collection of stripes. When I sandwich a big quilt, I put every leaf in my dining room table, put on the pads, and center the backing, letting it drape over the sides. I masking tape the top and bottom if I can. I find it’s usually the backing that slips around. Then I put on the batting and quilt top, and use large office clamps to clamp it to table sides. After I pin the center portion I shift the whole process left and right. There are a few pinholes in my dining room pads but what the heck! No worries. Thanks for sharing your work

  12. Donna K says:

    I love the quilt but I even love the string border! It really adds a zing.
    Quilt on…….

  13. Cecile Uhry says:

    I so wish I could spend my days quilting. That’s the part I love the most, but …… I suffer from a disease called “Need to work to pay the bills”. When I am home this is all I do, quilt. Never have tried to use anything but quilting thread, so I think it’s time to use all that’s available and get with the program. Gone are the days when judges are finicky, (at least I hope so)


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