New York Beauty

A Google image search for New York Beauty quilt will show you how popular these quilts are.

My friend Bill Volckening (see his blog here ) has a terrific collection of New York Beauty quilts that spans over 150 years.    He has written a book, due in April, about these great quilts. The coffee table book will have over 300 pages with 70 quilts made between 1850 and present day; all examples and variants of the complicated patchwork design best known as New York Beauty.

I was lucky to have a part in a few of the quilts.   I hand quilted a few of the vintage quilt tops that he collected. remember this quilt?


and this


and this


here is a preview of the contents


I am really looking forward to reading it!   Advanced copies can be ordered here

Happy quilting and reading


Just found out they have more pages to see at this link:



12 thoughts on “New York Beauty

  1. Thank you, Tim! Pleasure working with you. The quilts look great, and I think you’ll enjoy the book.

  2. Sara says:

    I saw the book on the Quiltmania website and it’s on my list! I wondered if this was the one that you had quilted some quilts for, how wonderful is that! I’m really looking forward to this book! And you can view some pages on the Quiltmania website!

  3. Deb says:

    Great news, glad your quilts are getting the attention that they deserve! Now off to check out the book..😄

  4. audrey says:

    It looks to be an amazing book! Especially love that scrappy NYB. So much charm!

  5. Book looks amazing! Your work always amazing!

  6. Susie Q says:

    My New York Beauty book arrived today and I will be on the look out for “your” quilts in a few minutes when I start reading!


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