I finished the next 1/4 of the hand quilting on the Color Weave Medley log cabin quilt.


Normally I start quilting in the center but for this I am starting in the corners and working in to the center


I think it is looking great….and it is a very simple design so it makes for fast quilting.     I often have people ask how I can quilt so fast.    I think that practice is a big part of it, but I also attribute a lot of it to using a hoop (or frame)    the hoop acts as additional hands, holding the quilt in the perfect position and tension so my hands are free to do the quilting…..I only have to hold the needle , I don’t need to keep readjusting how the quilt is held in my hands.  Without a hoop or frame you can only get a very short segment of quilting done before you need to readjust the entire thing and change your hold on it so you can get the next little segment and so on.   I could not do it without a hoop.

Happy quilting


16 thoughts on “progress

  1. Ginny hardy says:

    I like that quilting on there. Totally against the grain and VERY in teresting !!!

  2. Linda says:

    Love the quilt! What kind of hoop do you use? One that is on a stand? You are fast and we all want to be more like you!

  3. Janice says:

    Tim, How did you mark this quilt? Your arcs are so perfectly spaced.

  4. Sharon Angelo says:

    Tim your hand quilting is amazing. With that said, would you post a video of you quilting?? I would love to observe your technique. Thanks for considering this.

    • timquilts says:

      there are a few posted…..look at the side bar on the right of the page…..scroll down to the 3 …one on hand quilting, one on big stitch and one on trapuntp

  5. Wanda says:

    Hi Tim, Is this big stitch and are you using a sharp?

  6. Donna K says:

    Wow. Your quilting pattern brings this top to life.
    I love the intersecting arcs.

  7. PATRICIA says:

    Fabulous quilt and QUILTING, but I have to keep moving the hoop around on my quilts. Finally, I put up the antique frame bought at a yard sale years ago. So much easier.

  8. Sandra B says:

    Love the quilting! The arcs really soften all the straight lines of the piecing, giving the quilt an awesome look…cannot wait to see it all done…at the rate you are going, that won’t be long!!


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