New Quilt Begins

Raise your hand if you didn’t think I would make it through the weekend without starting the new quilt.

I posted the top last time


I had the idea in my head so it really only took about 10 minutes to draw it on the fabric. (45 inches wide and 70 inches long) I use a disposable #2 mechanical pencil to mark the top.   I always was finished quilts and the pencil has always washed out for me.

I layered and pin basted the top using off white backing and Mountain Mist poly batting (I don’t want lots of crinkling from shrink like I would get with cotton batting)

I will use all of these threads.

DSCN6224 (2)

I am starting by quilting over the lines with a back stitch in black.


I will do a demo of that stitch soon.

Then I plan to fill in all the spaces with the different colors of perle cotton.   I did a quilt a few years ago with perle cotton and tons of filling

fill demo 012 ???????????????????????????????

the difference in the new quilt will be no feathers and lots of different colors of thread filling the spaces.

Teddy says hi…but he only poses once a day so no picture tonight 😉

Happy Quilting



34 thoughts on “New Quilt Begins

  1. glendajean says:

    Ha Ha I knew you would not make it through the day with out starting LOL I visualised that you would do it this way, thats why I was so excited. I can not wait till tomorrow night now. Keep having fun Glenda Australia.

  2. Jan Marriott says:

    love the way your enthusiasm comes through.

  3. Sue says:

    Love this. must try myself. I hand quilted in red…Baptist fans loved the effect

  4. Deb says:

    Lol, both of my hands are raised!! I’m also excited to see how this turns out.

  5. suzette shoulders says:

    Well, of course you started it, since you had marked it! Are you planning to quilt it all with perle number 8? Suzette

  6. Julie Porter says:

    I raise both hands sure sure was I !

  7. adaisygarden says:

    Those threads! Wow. The colors…!
    No wonder you couldn’t wait to start. I’m looking forward to what you will do! I’m sure it will be beautiful.

  8. You go a without starting a new quilt once marked say it isn’t so. LOL I love the colors and the idea with the back stitch in black. I can’t wait to see the progress. Give hugs to Teddy!

  9. Cathy says:

    It’s going to be awesome. Have fun.

  10. Abigail Rivers says:

    Oh wow, such a challenge and a lovely set of coulors

  11. Glennis Salls says:

    Tim this is going to be awesome! I think it will have a very modern feel.

  12. Rebecca says:

    I love that pink quilt and I’ll eagerly look forward to the new one. So many times I’ve looked at your incomplete work and thought ‘I’m not sure about that’ and then when you’ve finished it, I’ve thought ‘That’s amazing.’ I’m beginning to just trust that what you design will work even if I can’t see it in the middle of the process.

  13. Ann Thomas says:

    I love those colors. I want to add them to my collection. Anxiously waiting to see the progress on this new quilt. Hi, Teddy. Miss you.

  14. Lorij says:

    I didn’t think you’d make it without starting on it. It’s hard to have an empty hoop!!!

  15. Janice says:

    Just curious as to how you drew the design on the fabric? Do you tape the fabric to a wall or the floor( or maybe this was small enough to fit on a large table)? I know you said once you taped the fabric to a wall and used an over head projector….doesn’t that method give you a really wide line to trace over (in my experience, slides/pictures that are in focus from a distance are usually quite fuzzy close up…) I can’t imagine you crawling on all fours drawing this out on the floor…. just trying to pick up some tips from the master quilter! 🙂

    • timquilts says:

      on this one I taped the fabric to the cutting table, which is 36″ x 60 inches…..the overhanging fabric (it was 45 inches wide) will become the border which I will mark after the center is quilted. The design was only in my head and rather simple so I didn’t need to worry about it matching a drawing. I did the tree of life with a computer projector and taped the fabric to the wall. I did a pencil drawing and scanned it then projected it ……the drawing was not as detailed as the finished quilt but I was able to get the basic drawing and proportions easier that way

  16. Carole Minihan says:

    Amazing work, it is autumn in Melbourne, Australia, and a lot of garden prep for spring, love your site


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