more hand quilting

More of the hand quilting done , just the left side to finish.   (click pictures to enlarge)

Here are a few more garden pictures

Happy quilting


10 thoughts on “more hand quilting

  1. Ranchwife in Nebraska says:

    Those scalloped edges are perfect for this quilt!

  2. Lois says:

    what color thread for the quilting did you use? I love this quilt

  3. Deb says:

    If there were no quilts or flowers in life ,a lot of beauty sure would be missing! I so enjoy all the pictures you post.

  4. The Frugal Quilter says:

    Sorry if this is a repeat, I’ve had trouble getting this to
    Go through.
    I was wondering about your hand care regimen. Mine crack open and dry out so badly with hand quilting and handling fabric (I think. The dyes and finish on fabrics are drying)
    And gardening and General “work”. I’ve tried everything! Thought I would ask and sorry of you’ve already covered this.
    Thank you

  5. glendajean says:

    Hi Tim, it is so lovely to see your garden changing each week, isn’t it hard to believe some thing so fragile to look at like the maidenhair fern can service been buried under the snow throughout the winter then come up again come spring. Cheers Glenda Australia.

  6. audrey says:

    I hope you can see your gardens from where you sit and quilt! Loving the stitching on this great quilt.


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