I made some progress on the Mackintosh Rose quilt.


Teddy wanted to pose with it today.


The forecast is for rain the next few days so I took a bunch more garden pictures today.   Things grow pretty fast at this time of year, many buds that will be flowers soon (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy Spring



21 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Ann says:

    Are you happy w the color. The spools were so intense yet they are so pale. Almost faded. So much work.

  2. Judy Dietrich says:

    Love the garden pics!! My simple group of lilies has not even bloomed yet!! I saw some gorgeous iris growing in other gardens, which makes me happy. We do not have lots of room for flowers & my hunting dog used to dig them up!! Your roses on the quilt top are really blooming. That is such a cool idea & am glad it gives you easy quilting. The other quilt you showed—I am in love with. I know it belongs to another. One can always pine for true love of an outstanding quilt!!

  3. Kerry Brown says:

    Beautiful quilting, as always. I see Master Teddy is accessorizing….I bet he’s been to the groomers.

  4. Sharon in Galesburg says:

    Teddy looks so proud and serious….apparently he takes his job very seriously.

  5. Lorij says:

    Your garden is wonderful.
    Teddy is so cute😊.

  6. bermudagirl says:

    Hi Tim, garden looks beautiful right now and so does Teddy with your Macintosh quilt. It looks amazing. Love the stitching. My garden is growing fast too. So many lovely surprises every day. And lots of projects to do. Have decided to post on Instagram photos so I can keep track of it all. It is easier than uploading all the photos to WP and my blog! Though at least once a week there are some flower photos and garden photos at this time of year. I am back in the gardening mood again. Just no time for it. Except for a little weeding yesterday and keeping everything watered and alive. Temperatures are so drastic here. One minute it is like living in Scotland, damp and cold and by afternoon you feel like you are on a beach in Bermuda. Explain that to me please.
    Have a great weekend and lots of lovely moments hand quilting.

  7. Pam G. says:

    Your progress is amazing and the rose is starting to bloom just like your garden – so beautiful on both counts. Teddy is looking very proud indeed! He always puts a smile on my face. Speaking of progress!!! After 20 years in the closet, my mother’s quilt top (grandmother’s flower garden I’ve mentioned) is finally basted and ready to quilt. I just don’t know where to start quilting?! Suggestions welcome.

  8. Glennis Salls says:

    Amazing, your work is unfolding, or should I say unfurling jjust llike tthe hosta.. SSoorry mmy kkey board iinsists on bbeing double att times. II ccannot correct it!!

  9. Lorij says:

    The quilt looks good and That garden is really in full swing. It’s soooooo pretty!
    Don’t forget your mom tomorrow.
    Happy Mother’s day to all who follow your blog.


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