Colorado Trunk Show

The Colorado Quilt Council was the so welcoming!  I did my presentation today and they sure were a great group!

Thanks for inviting me!!

Here are a few pictures from the event ….not the best quality but you can get the idea (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


18 thoughts on “Colorado Trunk Show

  1. Sharon in Galesburg says:

    Well, I’d say that was a group of lucky ladies/gents who were able to see your show and mingle with an awesome quilter! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nancy says:

    I am sure they enjoyed it very much. Do you get to stay in CO for a few days after that long drive?

  3. Your quilts look great and display lots of styles and designs. Using the row of chairs for displaying and folding the quilts is a fantastic idea.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kate says:

    Such fun to click through the pics and recognize the quilts!

  5. Ginney Camden says:

    I want to see these quilts! Tim are you at the AQS show in Iowa this fall?

  6. Mimi says:

    The ink was barely dry on several of those quilts….

  7. Dee says:

    Wow! It looks like it was an excellent trunk show! Wish I could have seen it all in person!

  8. Martha J says:

    Tim, it WAS a great trunk show!! I was there. I really enjoyed seeing the before and after. i heard several people say how much they enjoyed it. Thanks for making the trip. Safe travels going back to MI.

  9. Jan Masenthin says:

    What’s your fee for a trunk show? Please pm me at Jan Masenthin



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