Gardening and quilting

I have the trapunto in the center of the Reindeer quilt finished.


One corner to finish.


Teddy thought if he covered it up I would not need to finish it.


It has rained a bit so it is wet and cloudy.   could use a lot more rain but the garden is growing.    There is not a lot blooming right now but here is another batch of pictures  (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


20 thoughts on “Gardening and quilting

  1. Your garden is beautiful, especially the roses.

  2. Neame says:

    Beautiful quilt. Beautiful garden. Interesting how the trapunto changes the look of the quilt – I like it. And a good combination of activities: quilting and gardening. Both active but in very different and complimentary ways. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ann in PA says:

    I thought your quilt was wonderful before, but you’ve taken it to a new level. Your garden is just as beautiful as your quilting….of course, nothing is as sweet as Teddy. : ))))

  4. Sharon in Galesburg says:

    The quilt is amazing, the red peony beautiful and Teddy…..he’s just so huggable!

  5. Rose in VT says:

    Teddy looks like he’s thinking that quilt should be DONE by now! Your garden is incredible. That pink rose looks like an old variety – did it come with the house or did you choose well?

  6. Wilma Scholl says:

    How can one person do such marvelous quilting and have such a breathtaking yard? I feel cheated with my “talents” or lack thereof. Wished I lived close to see all this beauty first hand.

  7. averyclaire says:

    I know I have said this before…but it is magnificent. You should win some really super prizes in shows with this one. And you deserve it as this was a LOT of work and wonderful CREATIVITY.

  8. glendajean says:

    Morning Tim and Teddy, SO so many hours you have and will add to this exquisite quilt Tim but those reindeers look like they are jumping so much higher now. I know you love lupins, to see them in all their glory try typing in to your search engine Lupins NZ they grow wild in the south island and have become a huge tourist attraction you will see why. I grew up in NZ and have seen this beauty of nature many times and never get tired of seeing it. Enjoy Glenda Australia

  9. Nerida Duncan says:

    I am loving this quilt and the garden, it has just really come to life hasnt it.

  10. Lorij says:

    You’ve outdone yourself this time. Did this make the seam less noticeable? Teddy looks as if he’s saying. Enough, enough, enough. Give me some attention, please😊.
    You’re garden is wonderful. Really makes me miss home. Blessings, Lorij


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