Trapunto Finished

I started this quilt quite a while ago.  I based it on one of my snowflakes. (see the sidebar on the right of this page for snowflake patterns)


I did all the hand quilting with blue thread and used wool batting.   I was pleased with the result and entered it into a few AQS shows.


It is going to AQS in Syracuse next and I decided to add trapunto to it first.  You can see a how to trapinto demo here

I finished the trapunto last night and washed it today.   I wash after doing the trapunto because it helps to close up the little needle holes made by doing the stuffing.


I think it really adds a lot by making the design stand out more.

DSCN7032 DSCN7030 DSCN7029

Several people have asked about what the back will look like so I folded it over to show it, the top layer in the pic is the back.


It always looks better when I erase the floor from the picture.


and changing the background color changes the look


I need to hang it to take another picture…when I take pictures on the floor the quilt gets a bit distorted looking from the camera angle….it really is square.

I have a pattern for the quilt as well which is also linked at the right sidebar of this page.   The pattern does not include trapunto directions since I did the pattern long before I decided to add the trapunto.

It is rainy again here today so looks like another quilting day

Happy Quilting


33 thoughts on “Trapunto Finished

  1. Mrs. Plum says:

    I’d give you a blue ribbon on this, if I could, Tim. You made a great quilt fabulous with the trapunto.

  2. Kristen says:

    Looks brilliant Tim.

  3. Sharon in Galesburg says:

    It looks amazing! Rainy here in Galesburg today also. I hate it when the rain flattens my peony bushes😩

  4. Jo Major Ciolino says:

    Honestly, I didn’t think this quilt could be more wonderful – but it is! Thank you for inspiring me and giving all of us such beautiful things to enjoy!

  5. Marg says:

    Oh my! this is amazing! This is the first time I have ever seen Trapunto!
    I can almost feel how soft it must be. I am in love! p.s It’s raining here too! Ontario, Canada.

  6. kathi says:

    wouldn’t have believed that quilt could have been improved upon but, Oh My it is even more beautiful. Absolutely worth the extra time and effort you put in. Incredibly elegant and certainly blue ribbon worth!

  7. Sandy says:

    Bravo! Looks so great!

  8. Louise Jackson says:

    Beautiful as always. You do such great work!

  9. kay17 says:

    I loved this quilt before but now… It´s ten times better with the trapunto. You did an amazing job!

  10. Deb says:

    It’s fantastic,and I hope that you win a ribbon on all that hard work!!

  11. Rose in VT says:

    The extra line of stitching in the border looks great too.
    It’s raining here also and I had to laugh at the peony comments as I just checked mine. There’s no ants in them when they’re wet!

  12. katechiconi says:

    It adds a whole new dimension, and I think you can expect to collect a whole bunch more ribbons now!

  13. It was a WOW before…,it is Holy Moly!!!! Thank you for showing all of us that it is OK to change a finished quilt because it can improve an already great piece!

  14. Tim, a question about your tree of life whole quilt. Where did your design originate and is it a pattern I could get my hands on? I just love the design and quilting in that quilt. Thank you, Monica

  15. Jan says:

    Tim I feel you have completed the quilt stunningly it was super before but now wow…this shows how one can add to a already completed beautiful quilt the finishing touch. Love it.

  16. Lori Loff says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful…………

  17. Cheryl says:

    Tim I love the depth and texture the trapunto adds. I’m glad you did that too. To follow up, I am wondering about your floor hoops. You have the Yoder and a Grace Hoop 2. What is your feeling on these two since you have been using them? Your input is always appreciated.

    • timquilts says:

      I prefer the round one….the grace hoop is just too small for me…..I will buy a larger one at some point since the sell the hoops separate from the stands

  18. banksia says:

    Sensational Tim,really,it is hard to improve on perfection,you have succeeded!

  19. […] feathers. Tim Latimer has a good tutorial on how to trapunto the traditional way. He has an amazing Snowflake using […]


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