Quilt Alliance Animals we Love quilts

Remember the Teddy quilts?

2 teddys

I made them for the Quilt Alliance and they have posted the winners (Teddy didn’t win but that is not why we entered)

here are the winners http://www.allianceforamericanquilts.org/projects/galleries/Animals%20We%20Love/winners/

Here are all of the quilts http://www.allianceforamericanquilts.org/projects/galleries/Animals%20We%20Love/gallery/

All of the “Animals We Love” contest quilts were donated by their makers. After a national exhibition tour that begins at the Utah headquarters of Handi Quilter, Inc, and includes stops at American Quilter’s Society and Original Sewing & Quilt Expo shows, the quilts will be sold via an online auction in November 2015. The auction is one of the Alliance’s most important annual fundraisers and provides crucial funds that support the operation of projects like Quilters’ S.O.S. – Save Our Stories and Go Tell It at the Quilt Show! Individual quilts will be assigned auction periods in October and I will post the information about how to bid as soon as it is available.  Teddy is looking forward to seeing if he gets any bids 🙂


I took more garden pictures yesterday…..here they are

I have been working on a new project but it is not a quilt…. it is quilt related….and it does take time away from quilting …..for now It will be a secret and I will post pictures some time in the next few weeks.

Happy Quilting


12 thoughts on “Quilt Alliance Animals we Love quilts

  1. Jan Marriott says:

    you are such a tease, Tim.

  2. Nancy says:

    Oh… this is fun. Maybe if I send Teddy a bone, HE will spill the beans.
    BTW, I looked at the latest issue of Quiltmaker magazine today and I see Presencia has your quilt in their ad! I immediately recognized it and then read the SMALL print. How fun is that too!

    • timquilts says:

      Teddy is good at keeping secrets…..but he does love treats so he might spill the beans…..
      It has been great fun to see that add in the magazines!

  3. Ángela says:

    A book?
    Teddy will get bids, no doubt about that. Teddy, Teddy, Teddy!!!

  4. Rose in VT says:

    With that face, of COURSE Teddy will get bids! I haven’t gone outside yet to see how the garden is after 3 days of rain, it’s much more fun to look at your pictures.

  5. Lorij says:

    Of course Teddy will get bids.
    You are trying to keep us in suspense!!!!!😊

  6. Linda P says:

    How cute! And what a good idea to raise money. All quilts tell some kind of a story. Your garden is beautiful. I would love to have a garden but am not much of a gardener and it would have to take care of itself. 🙂


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