Hand Quilting Frame

I moved some of the stuff into the studio space.    I do not have fancy specialty cabinets as work stations.     I have recycled kitchen cabinet bases with boards on top.


I still have a few door to put back on.   The top on the center table fits the 3 foot by 5 foot cutting mat.     the table with the metal legs is also 3 x 5 feet and that has a pressing surface on it.

My main machine is in a vintage 1950 machine in a vintage 1950 cabinet.


It is a Singer 301A and it is the best machine ever made in my opinion.    Just straight stitches and that really is all I ever need.


The right side of the room gets my desk and bookshelves …..tomorrow I hope. I have so much stuff!!

I set up the quilt frame and look forward to getting to work on the quilt that has been in the frame forever.    I just had so much stuff in the way that I couldn’t work at the frame. but with the new space I have the room for it.

This one is a cool scrappy 1900 quilt that I am free-form arc quilting.



You can see that I also have the Grace hoop ready to go with the antique applique quilt in it.

The living room is full. I need to have that clock repaired but it is nice to have a space for it where it isn’t tucked behind a door and unseen.


I still have to hang quilts and do window treatments.

Teddy is exhausted! he has made so many trips up and down the stairs today.  He is napping on the floor where it is cooler.  But he did decide to have his picture taken first.


Maybe some gardening next time

Happy Quilting


53 thoughts on “Hand Quilting Frame

  1. Sharon in Galesburg says:

    Everything is looking good great. I know it’s a lot of work but when you’re done you’ll be in quilting heaven. Isn’t it nice to be spaced out and have working room? Teddy does look tired. I bet he’ll snore tonight. A little ear scratch from me, please. And a big pat on the back for you! Tim – lookin good! I look forward to a progress report every evening so thanks for not disappointing.

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks…..Teddy is tired. He just has to see everything that goes on….so far I haven’t tripped on him but the last trip up the stairs was close! so we stopped for the day

  2. Looks fabulous, now you can enjoy all the hard work. My mm had a singer that I learnt to sew on I agree greatest machine ever !

  3. Nancy says:

    Poor Teddy! All that work just to be sure you get it right. It’s a hard job.

  4. pat says:

    Looking good

  5. Cheryl says:

    It looks ahhhhhhmaaaazzzzinggg! Thank you so much for sharing. Bet Teddy isn’t the only one who sleeps well tonight!

  6. Deb says:

    Has been fun seeing how you are setting up! Looks great! I love the quilt in the frame, the arches are softening the blocky look.

  7. Nerida Duncan says:

    It looks great. I love the antique quilt and the quilting you are doing on it. I also love the Tiffany lamp – I just love love love Tiffany lamps.

    Teddy has a big job supervising this move, no wonder he is tired.

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks…..I really do plan to finish that quilt soon…..of course I have been saying that for well over a year. the lamp is a reproduction but that is good because I dont need to worry about breaking it!

  8. suzette shoulders says:

    It is so exciting to move into a new space for a studio! You are going to wonder what to put in your old space, I bet! Go, Tim! Suzette in Oregon

  9. Becky in VA says:

    Thank you for taking us into your spaces. Looking great! What room is the floor quilting frame in? I too, do all my sewing on a 301A – the machine my mother bought new in 1954! Is Teddy getting confused about living in two houses?

  10. Shirley says:

    Once again I have to say you amaze me. Beautiful quilting space.

  11. Sandi says:

    I love the house and what you are doing with it! I have my mothers Singer 401…love it! Helped my son refurbish his boat last spring and the singer was the only thing that would sew the heavy vinyl for recovering seats and stuff…he had to have piping too…lol!

  12. Rose in VT says:

    Beautiful spaces, can’t help but wonder if you have any furniture left in your ‘living’ house? I noticed your ironing board turned the other way, are you a leftie too?

  13. Lorij says:

    You have really been busy. Things look very nice. Have you gotten your quilts that are in the containers moved yet? What I want to tell you is that if they are where is cool then it gets warm make sure to check them often. Temperature change can sometimes cause the plastic to sweat and it can make mildew form if not careful. I had that happen. So now when I store any fabric in plastic containers I put it in a sheet inside of a plastic bag tie it then put it in the containers. Haven’t had any more issues.
    I’m loving all the light and space you have to work in. It’s simply wonderful. Give Teddy a snuggle me.

  14. helen says:

    This all looks very harmonious. I like it.
    Thank you for sharing the pictures!
    Best wishes!

  15. Beth says:

    Hi Tim,
    I have my gran’s 301a . It beats my Janome 6600 every time !

  16. Kathi says:

    Tim, So happy for your new “studio” space… seems like your original house had enough things in it to easily fit the new space too… hope your house isn’t empty now!
    I also love my 301A the best… did you name yours? Mine is a two toned as well named Glorida & I got a Singer 74 cabinet for mine so she could go back to her original style “dress” 🙂 I love the shape of it too! Yours looks great too… suit or dress! lol
    Love all your space to spread out and how the center of your studio is open for running around from thing to thing… now to see what you piece next.
    Thanks for sharing so much! Kathi

  17. Pam G. says:

    Everything seems to be coming together quite nicely! Looking awesome.

  18. HI Tim. the new studio looks great!!!! Congrats, it’s nice to have your own space. Wonderful ideas for stations and your quilt frame is perfect. I miss my floor frame. Love you work style and unending enthusiasm for quilt making. You’re a winner!!! Best, Christine

  19. Susan Steele says:

    welllll…looking good for sure..but my question is…how nice and airy is the “Living House” now?? As I move more and more into my house the less I like it..it looked so good when I only had moved about 50% in!! LOL Now I am going to take a week to explore what I can take OUT! You have done a lot in a remarkably small time…you deserve ice cream! Lots of ice cream (and so does Teddy!)
    Susan in VA

  20. Ginney Camden says:

    This is just going to be a wonderful quilting space. I am so jealous. Enjoy each moment that you get to spend fixing it up and then actually using it!

  21. Vanessa Mauthe says:

    I Think it’s wonderful that you have a house just for you sewing and quilting. The house is awesome and looking great!

  22. Sandra B says:

    Everything is coming together, and looking great!
    I am primarily a hand piecer and hand quilter, but when I do use a sewing machine, it’s a Featherweight. Like your Singer, the Featherweight only sews straight stitches, but that is all I need. And, like you said, the older machines don’t have user manuals with a million pages!
    In a previous comment, I forgot to mention how much I like the tin backsplash behind your stove. I keep seeing more and more details that are awesome! I emailed you some pictures of our vintage radios. Hope you got it.
    I know you can’t wait to get all settled so that you can get back to piecing and quilting. You know I love that antique appliqué quilt that you have in the Grace hoop! And the arc quilting on the quilt in the floor frame is just perfect with the simple blocks of the quilt. The colors are so restful…it is going to be a great quilt…
    Teddy looks tired…hopefully his nap will leave him refreshed and ready to continue his supervising role!

  23. Barbara Rasch says:

    Your place looks very comfortable and inviting to quilt in. Whatever you do you make it look inviting. Teddy will find a spot when you start your quilting.He’s excited about having new spaces.

  24. christina van gelder says:

    Lovely! Enjoy it! Poor Teddy, he has a tough life….

  25. liz rondelle says:

    congratulations on your very own studio space! nothing finer!

  26. civilwarlady says:

    I love your new quilting space, Tim. It is so appealing!

  27. Laurie L. says:

    Very nice. Lots of space. Lighting is my big deal. Do you have enough? I agree with you about the 301A. My daughter gave me one for Christmas (she scours the world for 301s, makes them like new, and finds them new homes). She kept a black long bed for herself. It is such a quiet and strong machine, and how about that stitch? Nothing like it.

    • timquilts says:

      Plenty of natural light…..on cloudy days I will need to evaluate where I need some supplemental
      and yes the stitch on the 301 is really better than any other


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