Hand quilting at the frame.

It rained last night.   A lot!   Pretty strong thunderstorms here in Lansing but other parts of Michigan were hit harder, hail and tornadoes.  Gardening in  wet soil is never a good thing because it compacts the soil so I decided to work indoors today.

It has been so long since I worked at the quilt frame that I really had to warm up.


The way I guilt I am most comfortable quilting away from myself and to the right (could be because I am left-handed).   In a hoop I simply turn the hoop to change directions but the frame is stationary so I have to change the direction I am quilting.    The result being that I was a bit slower until I got back into the rhythm.    I made my way across the frame once and cranked it up to the next area to quilt.


Teddy likes to sit in my chair when I get up.


It was sunny most of the day so the garden dried and I did some pruning and weeding.   Nothing like the piles of the new garden but it is always amazing to me how fast things grow,


Here are some garden pictures from this evening.  Click pictures to enlarge

Happy quilting


30 thoughts on “Hand quilting at the frame.

  1. Cindy Tidwell says:

    Oh Tim your garden is delish. So is the quilting. I find you so inspiring to get off my can and do something!!! Thank you. Cindyt
    PS, Love your place holder…Teddy keeping your chair warm for you!!! LOL

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Tim looks great on the rack. Having 6 dogs, I have one on the bed, one under the desk, one on the side of my sewing table and always one to keep the seat Warm, I had to lock the wheels on the rolling chair so they don’t get hurt. I love the plaids, seems like a manly quilt. I wonder if you make quilts at random or do you usually have a designated person or group ahead of time?

    • timquilts says:

      this quilt top was made in about 1900, no intended use for it other than it will potentially be added to a trunk show or lecture that I do. I rarely make a quilt with specific to one person or use.

  3. Anne Kasten says:

    LOVE teddy’s color coordinated kerchief…
    so very happy for this new work space for you Tim.
    You are such an inspiration!
    And you do such beautiful work.

  4. Ann in PA says:

    I love the quilting – it’s perfect for that quilt! Your garden is absolutely beautiful….of course, I must also compliment the cutest dog in the world. Teddy is precious!

  5. Sharon in Galesburg says:

    Quilt looks great, garden pretty and Teddy……just plain “lovable”! Ear scratch, please. Thanks Sharon

  6. Rebecca says:

    Do you prefer quilting in the hoop or on the frame? Will you end up quilting faster on the frame?

  7. Monique in Oregon says:

    I can’t tell what kind of quilt frame you have, Tim. Is it a three roll frame? I bought a Hinterberg Homestead frame years ago and I love it. No basting! It’s been in my living room for the past 25 years in front of the window.

  8. Cheri says:

    How fun it is to see your sewing and quilting spaces coming together. I just acquired a 301A too, and I loved sewing with it this weekend. Yours is a prettier color; really like the two-tone. Thanks for sharing your progress on quilt and garden projects!

  9. banksia says:

    I bet you love having a studio space!My dream! Your garden is bliss,your quilting an inspiration!pats to the wonderful Teddy!

  10. 54allie54 says:

    ALL your plants look so healthy! Not to mention lovely….lots of bloom ahead too. I’ll love seeing them.

  11. Sandra B says:

    Glad to hear that you were not affected by the storms!
    I know you were happy to be able to get in some quilting time. I do not quilt nearly as many hours as you do, but if I don’t do at least a few stitches each day, I really miss it.
    Teddy looks like he is right at home in the new quilting space, and is looking quite handsome while he keeps your seat warm!
    Thanks for sharing the garden pictures. I always enjoy seeing them….

  12. Jan Smith says:

    That is one of my favorites types of quilts – simple design, scrappy, and blue!
    How nice to have a seat warmer. What a good boy.

  13. Great garden pics! Your quilting set up looks so cosy with a great view out the window. I have a miniature schnauzer who always take the best spot. Too cute!

  14. Laurie L. says:

    Have tried to use a floor frame and couldn’t get used to it. Once I had the habit of using a hoop (the way I was taught) and being able to move it in any direction, then trying the floor frame, it seemed too confining to me. I also like the hoop because I can travel with it. I’m impressed that you have mastered it!

  15. Marjorie says:

    Very nice…I’m over from Sweet pea quilting blog to visit. I hand quilt constwntly and enjoy this fan pattern


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