Another Batik Top Finished.

I Finished up the next Batik Top.     I posted a few days ago about how I made the center blocks (


I liked the center so much that I decided to add a wide border and make it full-sized. I made the border blocks much the same way but different sized and with different fabrics.

Here is how I did the border.   I stacked up 5 different batiks (they were about 22″ x 18″)  and I cut them up and then arranged them like this.


Then sewed them together and re-cut them the opposite direction and rearranged the pieces again like this.


then sewed them together


I trimmed the finished blocks to straighten up the edges to 14″ X 17″.

Here they are partially arranged with the center.


Teddy says OK sew them on……


I made the sides wider than the top and bottom border to get a better finished size.

one more side to go and a last strip of purple and here it is.


Finished size is 80″ x 90″.

I really like it 🙂

Happy Quilting



20 thoughts on “Another Batik Top Finished.

  1. Sara says:

    You are one maniac sewer! LOL!

  2. Sandra B says:

    Love the finished quilt top!!
    I had mentioned in a previous comment that I thought the process you used would be great for a pieced back, and you had replied that hand quilting would be difficult with a pieced back….I agree if the back had this many pieces! But, mostly, my pieced backings are very, very simple, so hand quilting still works great. The most difficulty I have comes in making sure that the backing stays in place when I put together the “quilt sandwich”, and doesn’t end up crooked. Hope that makes sense!!
    Didn’t mean to ramble on….
    Cannot wait to see how you quilt this one!
    Teddy seems to be back in the swing of things, inspecting and giving his approval!

    • timquilts says:

      I have thought of making 2 tops the same pattern and different colors and quilting them one front /one back and the thought of trying to line them up and keep them the same front and back really puts me off the idea. but a simple back I might try one day

  3. katechiconi says:

    Lovely! I always enjoy seeing how you can’t help yourself if you get an idea, you just HAVE to make it!

  4. susie Q says:

    Interesting the way you “built” this quilt.

  5. Rose in VT says:

    Very inspiring! Love how you did the border.

  6. Fun use of your batiks, and it sounds like you enjoyed the process, too.

  7. jean says:

    great idea!

  8. On a few of my quilts I’ve thought of making side borders wider than the top & bottom borders but was afraid it would look weird…but you’ve shown that it works just perfectly! Thanks for ‘showing me’ that it’s not a bad idea! 😀

    • timquilts says:

      I thought it might look off too, but then I realized how many antique quilts I have seen done with unequal borders….so if it worked for old it should work for new

  9. Lorij says:

    Very pretty. Teddy approves too!

  10. banksia says:

    I love this Tim,puts me in mind of Gustav Klimnt painting💛

  11. […] made a quilt top last summer (here is the post about how ) and I finished quilting it this week. Here are some pictures (click pictures to […]


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