Watching the grass grow

I have posted pictures in the past weeks about the new yard and garden.   Lately I have been enjoying watching the grass grow.

You may remember that when I took over the yard in June it was very overgrown.


After I got all the weed tress removed I had a huge amount of trash to get rid of

DSCN7207 DSCN7206 DSCN7203

And tons of rocks to use up

DSCN7215 DSCN7214

and finally after it was all removed and the weeds attacked, and the ground raked smooth It looked like this.


Here it is today. (a blank canvas)


See that gray garage that backs up on the yard.    Here is was before I cleaned up the yard


Now It is to the point where I can start planting and make it match my “old” garden.   Much of that will have to wait for fall.   The hot days of August aren’t the best for transplanting.


I was able to get some more butterfly pictures

and here are some more garden pictures

Happy Gardening


14 thoughts on “Watching the grass grow

  1. Diana Barry says:

    I have been following your blog for a long time. I’m a bit confused, did you buy the new house and sell your old one or you have both? The new house is next door to the old house, right? The flowers are beautiful and I love your quilts. Very inspiring!

  2. Karen Friedrichs says:

    You have done amazing things with this property and I hope the neighborhood appreciates the beautification.

  3. Helen Beall says:

    I, too, am watching my grass grow. My yard was swallowed up by a collapsed cesspool, and I am starting a new lawn from ground zero. It’s been a real challenge.

  4. You and your gardens are inspiring. You must be bursting with a creative gene!

  5. Barbara Niermann says:

    This looks like a really fun project. Good job.

  6. melissa says:

    I love gardening! It’s a labor of love and all the fruits of your hard work are so beautiful. Sitting outside and enjoying the flowers, birds, bees, butterflies with some hand quilting on my lap are pure heaven

  7. Lorij says:

    You’ve done a beautiful job on your yard. Awesome transformation. No Teddy today. He must not have known that you were taking pictures ☺


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