More Diamond Piecing

I started a new quilt top about a week ago.


I did a tutorial on making the diamonds here

I worked on it for a bit more today (the forecast was for rain so I decided to not work in the garden….It didn’t rain)  A reader asked what I will do with the extra pieces from the ends of the strip sets.    The way I am cutting them there is an extra bit on each end. See the half triangle on the left of the ruler.


I thought about it and decided on a way to use them.    When you piece the strips they never come out even.   different fabrics vary quilt a bit in width.  Here is one end of a strip set.


and here is the other


If I cut the first edge even I can cut on 1/2 triangle from that end before I cut the full triangles.


Then after all the full triangles are cut I have a piece at the end to cut another half triangle.


If I put the half triangles together in a hexagon I get this


That hole in the center will go away when it is stitched together because the seam allowances will take that space up. and I will arrange the wedges better to distribute the color better.  I don’t know what I will make with the hexagons, It might be added to another project … might need to be another quilt?

After I have them cut I match the triangles into pairs.


I pin them to match the seams


and then stitch and press


I have a bunch of them done.  They are adding up.    It is about 60 inches square at this point (it will be smaller when the diamonds are sewn together)


My plan is to make it something like 90 x100.

When I sit at the sewing machine I can look out into the yard and watch the activity at the bird feeder.

They need to be refilled but there were still a few birds and the squirrels wanted to be sure they got some too.

Teddy says hi


Happy Quilting



12 thoughts on “More Diamond Piecing

  1. Sharon Eshlamsn says:

    Love that Teddy! Your quilt looks rather fantastic too😊

  2. Sandra B says:

    This quilt is looking great! Love all the colors….I apparently have not paid close attention before because I had thought the fabrics were solids!
    How nice to be able to see out into the yard while you are sewing….can you see the garden as well? I have two windows near my sewing machine, but I can only see out of them if I stand up….
    It is good to see Teddy today!

    • timquilts says:

      They have such small print that they do read solid.
      I can’t see the garden from the sewing machine…..but in a year there will be a nice garden there to see…….

  3. Shirley says:

    Oh my we feed the squirels TOO!!! My hummingbird feeders are also very busy, and the finch feeders! Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilts and Teddy!

  4. Nerida Duncan says:

    Its going to be a bright happy quilt. Love what you are doing with the ‘left overs’. Hi Teddy.

  5. Lorij says:

    I like all the colors. You know I like the way it dances. Such a happy top. Ooh, look at Mr. Bright eyes. He didn’t miss out today 😄.

  6. Won’t you need those half triangles to square off the sides of your quilt top?

    • timquilts says:

      they wont work for that…the angles of the strips are wrong. ( I will post a picture of why they are wrong for that next time) I will likely leave the edges jagged, or I will have to make blocks specifically for the edges


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