22 thoughts on “fun time

  1. Cheri says:

    I’m wowed by what you are doing with those leftovers. It’s a stunning design! And Teddy is as cute as can be – as always. 😊

  2. Ángela says:

    That Teddy… he has stolen my heart.

  3. Dee W says:

    I admit it, I too am smitten with Teddy. I came for the quilts, now I’m a confirmed Teddy lover. Thanks for the inspiration though.

  4. Lindsay Pavel says:

    That is really beautiful. Who knew the leftovers would be so beautiful and so fun?

  5. Lorij says:

    Teddy looks like he’s smiling 😊. Like what you are doing with your left over scraps. Pretty.

  6. Pam G. says:

    The leftover quilt is awesome! And oh those flowers… My grandmother grew lilies, but nothing like your display – they are my favorite. AND Teddy is my favorite ‘Inspector’.

  7. carol says:

    The flowers wow me! But I do also love the quilts, and not least Teddy!

  8. susie Q says:

    Leftovers from last quilt make me topsy turvey….. Only a few garden pictures today,,,,,,, but the queens of the garden are lovely.

  9. Kristen says:

    Tim, would you like some iris for the new property? I sent you photos on your email; please check.

    • timquilts says:

      I have not been able to keep bearded Iris alive in my garden for the past few years. They always get eaten up by Iris borer no matter what I do so I am not going to plant them anymore….but thanks ….I’ll email soon

  10. Mary says:

    Love the leftover design!


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