Rain …. it does a garden good

Yesterday it was hot and windy!  Plants were wiling and curling up before my eyes as the hot wind blew across them.     Finally at about 11 pm it rained.   Less than 1/2 an inch but it sure has made a difference.    The flowers have perked up and everything is greener.  There were dozens of Monarch butterflies in the garden today but none wanted to sit still long enough for me to get a picture.    But here are some of the flowers today. (click pictures to enlarge)

I have been hand quilting ….. I’ll post more pictures of that soon…..this is in the hoop now.


I added a bit more to the leftovers top.


Teddy has been learning to chase squirrels away from the bird feeder so he is tired but he woke up to say hi.


Happy Quilting


31 thoughts on “Rain …. it does a garden good

  1. Deb says:

    I just love a post full of flowers , then a quilt or two thrown in for the final display!👍

  2. Sara says:

    Glorious gardens!

  3. averyclaire says:

    Just curious…You have such a beautiful garden…but now you live next door…do you own both homes and live in both?

  4. Angela says:

    My favorites here: Lilium Scherezade and Colette Rose. And Teddy, of course. I am loving that kaleidoscope.

  5. Michelle says:

    Not related to your beautiful garden flowers, but enjoyed getting to see your reindeer wholecloth quilt up close & personal at the AQS show in Syracuse, NY last week after having enjoyed seeing its progress here on your website.

  6. Sandra B says:

    Love the garden pictures!
    We need rain in Virginia…they say we may get some by week’s end…hope they are right…
    You know I love that antique appliqué quilt….seeing it always makes me smile! And the leftovers top is looking good…..
    Hope Teddy gets some rest….

  7. glendajean says:

    Morning Tim and Teddy, what a joy it must be for the people who walk past you garden Tim, I’m sure many of them just stop and drink it all in Cheers Glenda

  8. kathi says:

    Hi Tim!
    not sure if the garden looks as gorgeous as your quilts .. or is it the other way around?? Hard to say. What I do know is that we should no longer refer to John Barrymore as “The Profile” — that would now be Teddy! Wonderful picture of him.

  9. Pam G. says:

    The garden is so beautiful. The lilies are my favorite! And sweet Teddy… I bet he does get worn out chasing squirrels.

  10. Susan S says:

    Your flowers are just gorgeous and your quilts are just beautiful. When do you find time to sleep?

  11. Eileen Mele says:

    Your garden is so beautiful. I think you are more than one person, or you have a Gardner! I pay one and I have a browning lawn, and three stinking bushes. We have a drought here, big time. Next winter when you are up to your behind in snow and cold I will send you photos of my winter garden!! Thank you for showing your little patch of Heaven. Have a nice August!

  12. civilwarlady says:

    Ah, I love the flowers of summer. Thank you so much for sharing, Tim. Love the picture of Teddy, too. Abbey says hi!

  13. Elisbeth says:

    Hello Tim I´m Elisabeth from Germany and i love hand quilting. I have a question for you . A friend given me a Dresden Plate Quilt top with a petal border. I would like to quilt it the traditional 30is way and maybe you could help me with a pattern. Love hearing from you. Sincerely Elisabeth Shields

  14. Lorij says:

    Your flowers always make me feel uplifted. The Indian Summer flowers grow wild along the highway in some places in North Carolina. They look a lot like Brown eyed Susan.
    Chasing squirrels my goodness yes, but I dare not miss the photo shoot 😄.
    We really need rain in CA. It’s VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY DRY. We don’t need too much. Just enough. You know sometimes folks pray for rain but don’t ask specifically.. I believe we can get just what is needed and, prayerfully no flooding.
    Happy quilting 😄

  15. Jo Morrisson says:

    I would like to know the source for the hand quilting frame in your august post. I live in St. Joseph co. Mi. and like your approach to hand quilting.


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