Another quilt to finish

When I moved things to the new studio I didn’t pack away any of the quilts that are partially hand quilted.    If they are out in the open I will be more likely to work on them.     I did finish one so far.


Today I have another one to show you.    I started this one ages ago!   see the post here

And here is the finished top.


I opened it up to see how much I had finished and teddy took it as an opportunity to pose.

2015-08-14 07.23.07

I have a lot more to do on it.

2015-08-15 22.51.15

here is one block

2015-08-15 22.51.25

and the back

2015-08-15 22.52.33 2015-08-15 22.52.58

I forgot how much I like this one!

I took a few garden pictures today (click pics to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


29 thoughts on “Another quilt to finish

  1. naomiz5 says:

    I just wanted to let you know what a lift I get every time I read (and see) one of your posts. The exquisite hand work, the vibrant flowers and Teddy – what more could one need? Thank you

  2. Terry says:

    I loved this quilt top too and am glad to see it “out in the light” again. I too look forward to your uplifting posts. Thank you for sharing your work and world with us!

  3. Sandy Arcari says:

    Tim ….Your quilts are absolutely beautiful. You are inspirational! Sandy

  4. Marie says:

    I enjoy your posts as well. Not only do I enjoy seeing what you’re working on it nudges me a little to get back to my own projects. One question – okay 2 – Why do you quit working on a project and do you find when you get back to your project your stitching changes as far as length, etc? Just wondering………..

    • timquilts says:

      I have so may quilts going at once and so many new Ideas that sometimes I just set one aside and it sort of gets forgotten for a while….when I do come back to it I always go back to the same needle and thread size so that the stitching matches what I was doing before

  5. Pam G. says:

    Love both quilts, but especially the one you’re working on! And the garden… oh my – what fond memories it brings back of my grandmother’s garden in Olivet, MI. Looks like Teddy has been to the groomer. He looks so handsome.

  6. Kathy says:

    Add me to the list of admirers. Love, love the “new” top that you are working on. I have disciplined myself to finish one of my UFOs before I can start something new. I do have the occasional breakdown, but for the most part I have made some progress.
    The garden looks glorious, and Teddy is as handsome as ever!

  7. Angela says:

    I loooove that suspension bridge quilt and went back to read about your starting it. In one of your comments back then, you said it would take a few more days! Well, it looks like its time has come and I am one of the fortunate witnesses. Teddy is a smart guy, he knows when and where to pose for his best look.

  8. banksia says:

    Love the new/old quilt!great colours,Teddy knows a good thing when he sees it😀.Seeing your lovely garden makes a change from the grey,wet and colourless vista of the winter landscape here.Thank you.

  9. adaisygarden says:

    Love the quilt! Nice variety of colors! And my favorite garden photo was the third one — white flowers — I don’t know what they’re called but they’re absolutely gorgeous!

  10. terryknott says:

    This is one of my favorite quilts so I am happy to see it in your quilting fingers again! I so enjoy your blog and how much you share your quilts, garden and Teddy with all of us!

  11. Wow, Tim! This one was a real find! Have you given it a BB#?

  12. Waaaait a minute. You made this top, didn’t you? I missed that post! Suspension Bridge it is!

  13. Marg says:

    Love both quilts, at first I didn’t like the first one, but seeing it finished changed me! the second is my favorite thought. Teddy looks so soft and cuddley, give him a squeeze! thanks for sharing

  14. Lorij says:

    Your garden photos always make me feel uplifted, they make me miss the East Coast even more. It was 107 here on the 17th . It is very hot and dry here.
    The quilts are pretty . Teddy looks so cute and happy..
    I’ve been working on the addition to my Granddaughters quilt. I’m nearly finished. It hadn’t taken as long as I expected it to. It took about 3 weeks to do the piecing but, the quilting had not taken but about a week and ahalf. It took a minute to find a fabric to match what was on the back or I would have been done last month. Is a little quirky both big stitched with heatrs and letters etc. I’ll send a photo when I’ve completed it.
    Give Teddy a pat for me.😊

  15. civilwarlady says:

    I love the spikey quilt! American Beauty? Suspension Bridge? Variation? It just cries to be handquilted, and I am so glad you are working on it. I see so many vintage tops that I want to quilt. I have to be very careful, because I don’t have a lot of storage room. I could easily get carried away! Love to Teddy!


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