Thanks to everyone for your concern about my sore back.  I am feeling much better.     I have been taking it easy and as I said in the previous post I have only been working on an easy quilt.   The big stitch quilting with perle cotton thread and a large needle goes fast and doesn’t need to be as accurate.  I am doing it in a hand held hoop which makes it better for the back.   When I quilt in a frame or a hoop on a stand I tend to lean forward and it puts strain on my lower back.  With the hand held I can pull it up closer to myself and sit straight.   I still prefer the frame/hoop stand but I am looking into a batter chair to use so the height is better

I have made a lot of progress, I should be able to finish in a few days and be back to work on other things.

Teddy has been keeping  an eye on me while I work.


Here is the hoop I am using.   It is a no brand inexpensive 18 inch wooden hoop from a garage sale.


Here is the quilt without the hoop.


And Teddy checking my work


Here is the back….I made the backing with the lighter colored leftovers from the top.


I am close to the end so Next time I hope to have the finished quilt to show.

Happy Quilting



14 thoughts on “Progressing

  1. huggybears says:

    So very colorfull-and the backing itsself is a feast for the eyes -awesome ! Give Teddy a hug for being such a good supervisor over your work .
    Marga from Berlin,Germany

  2. Marietta says:

    Hiya Tim, I’m glad you said your frMe is a cheaply from a sales yard! I very recently heard/read that for hand quilting we need a proper quilting frame, something I hadn’t heard before. So here you are telling us the honest truth, thank you and keep healthy. I have wondered how you manGe with your back on a standing frame?! I agree with the hand held frame, I did that in March after a serious neck surgery (disk implantation) I had to hand quilt after 2 days so I brought it up to my knees while in bed. Except I lost (and found during that next night) my needle! Hugs to you both and thank you for your friendship! Marietta in Brisbane

  3. Ann says:

    Glad to hear your back is better, Tim. It’s so miserable to have an injured back! Did you strain it while working on the new garden?

    Pats to Teddy; I’m sure he is worried about you. You can see it in his face 😀

  4. Sharon in Galesburg says:

    I was having back issues and also sciatica. Doc gave me a shot of kenalog which lasts for 3 months. It sure was nice to be able to do gardening and sewing again. Glad you’re doing better. Perhaps you can get the Inspector to walk up and down your back to release tension. Quilt looks great and Teddy, handsome as ever.

  5. Marilyn says:

    Hi Tim… I must have missed your last post. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Teddy is keeping a watchful eye on you. He must sense your pain. Take care and give Teddy a treat from me.

  6. Angela says:

    I don’t know, but it looks like Teddy is frowning at some stitches there.
    It is good that you are doing better, I missed you both. Take care.

  7. Sandra B says:

    Glad to hear you are doing better….hope you keep improving every day!
    Teddy looks so handsome, supervising the quilt!!

  8. Cheri says:

    I’ll bet you’ve been cutting back on the gardening, too. Hope you’ll be able to return to your quilting frame soon. In the meantime, keep babying your back!

  9. Glad you are feeling better, and making progress on your quilt. I love the way the light wedges in the small hexagon shapes sparkle

  10. Lorij says:

    So glad to hear from you and to know that you are mending. Teddy looks serious about his friend. You’ll be back to business as usual in a day or two. You made great progress on the quilt. Give Teddy a snuggle for me.😊 He’s doing a wonderful job looking after you!

  11. Nerida Duncan says:

    I’m sorry your back was playing up, glad you are on the improve. I love this quilt and watching its progress. I hope Teddy has been taking care of you and not slacking off while you were not so well.

  12. Lorij says:

    Tim, I’d missed some of the blogs and I read them tonight. Congratulations on winning with the tree of life quilt!!!!! You are so deserving of the honor. You worked very hard to complete it. When I saw the post and that you had won for your hand work I was estatic! Nothing like handwork to make a quilt extra special 😆. Although I’m late with my hat off to you I felt I must say CONGRATULATIONS for your beautiful work.

  13. averyclaire says:

    Glad to know that the back is getting better. You sure quilted this one up quickly. But then I think you spend a LOT more time quilting than everyone else. I have too many other things on my plate and the quilting gets set aside..:((( I think it’s really neat that this one grew out of the left overs of another one! Love the pearl cotton quilting!


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