Strip Star 2

I finished the piecing on the blue star.

DSCN8437 (2)

I still need to add a border but I couldn’t wait to start the Christmas print star.

I am using 2.5 inch strips, 18 different Christmas prints and 18 neutrals ( 6 strips each of 3 different fabrics) .     3 strips are sewn together then cut using the 60 degree triangle ruler.



Here you can see the progress as the star grows.


Each section of the star is made from one of the strip sets.

Here it is all filled in.


I will sew all the pieces together , and then decide if I want to cut the edges or leave them jagged.

I’ll post the result soon

Happy quilting



9 thoughts on “Strip Star 2

  1. Marci says:

    You are so productive! I really like your stars. Would a knife edge work if you decide to keep the Christmas one jagged? I’m still deconstructing the vintage quilt you inspired, but that gives me time to think.

  2. glendajean says:

    Morning Tim it is hard to believe this complicated looking star is so easy to make up. Thanks sooooo much for the tutorial it has made me want to rush off and make some up my self for a xmas quilt. Cheers G
    Glenda Australia.

  3. Is the background of the blue star pieced? You’re sewing like crazy right now!

  4. Rose in Vt says:

    This is making me want to run downstairs and start pulling out fabrics!
    Have to check for that style of ruler first…

  5. Barbara Rasch says:

    Love the colors you chose for this one
    You ha e the best of both .world’s quilting and bird and squirrel watching.


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