Star Quilt

I finished the first star quilt.  I decided to try it on the machine.    I must confess I really hated it!    I have only done one other machine quilted quilt so I am sure I would have liked it more if I was better at it…and if I had a walking foot….and didn’t use junk batting that I had on hand….

Be that as it may it was enlightening.    I have done so may hand quilted quilts that it felt like it would have been so much easier to do it by hand.  Im sure machine quilters would feel the same after doing one by hand.

Anyway I did really simple straight line quilting.


Then I got the idea that some decorative stitching might be fun…..( I recently got that Singer 600 so I wanted to play with it and Teddy wanted to watch)


I like the addition of the stitching.


It would have been great in silver metallic thread but I used what I had ….white .  I even used the decorative stitch to sew on the binding.


I think I will do the other star by hand 🙂


The newest issue of Quilters Newsletter came yesterday.


My reindeer snowflake quilt is on page 19.


Teddy spent the whole day at the vet yesterday getting tests for allergies.   The hope is that if we find what he is allergic to we can stop his itchy skin problems.    He had a long hard day  and had to have blood drawn and a sedative ……here he is with his bandage

DSCN8450 (2)

He is feeling fine today but I don’t imagine he will be happy to go back to see the vet again any time soon.

The Teddy quilts that I made for the Quilt Alliance fund raiser will be auctioned on eBay soon

2 teddys

All of the quilts can be seen here

The quilts will be divided into 2 groups
Auction #1: Monday, Nov. 9 – Monday, Nov. 16 2015
Auction #2: Monday, Nov. 16 – Monday, Nov. 23 2015

I will post a link when the auction starts so we can see how much Teddy sells for 🙂

Happy Quilting



44 thoughts on “Star Quilt

  1. Kristen says:

    Yay! Well done for being featured in the mag. And many slow, sympathetic strokes to Teddy, little stalwart that he is. And we all know he is, after all, priceless.

  2. Karen says:

    Eli, my white mini schnauzer that I have written to you about & could be Teddy’s twin, is on Nutro Ultra Weight Management. He has been on that since I got him almost 2 years ago and he has quit scratching, his coat is shiny & luxurious. You might want to try feeding him that.

    • timquilts says:

      It isn’t food. he is fine most of the year and only has problems spring and fall….his food is the same year round and never changes…..but spores and pollen concentrations do

  3. Sharon Eshlaman in Galesburg says:

    The quilt looks great, but I do really like your hand quilting the best. Poor Teddy…hope he feels better soon. Our Lhasa Apso also has allergies and bites her feet and digs her ears. We didn’t have any tests done, but did find we can control her issues with food. She can only eat dog foods which contain venison, duck, rabbit, potatoes (white and sweet) fresh/canned green beans, carrots and shrimp. She eats better than us😳. She takes benadryl tabs if her scratching starts up……if we give her one piece of beef, turkey, etc, the whole scratching thing kicks in a couple of hours. Well, I hope Teddy finds some relief😃

  4. glendajean says:

    Sorry Teddy is not so good he is such a bright wee chap usually. I think may be his problem when his chair was in the middle of the room was when you were sewing you had your back to him and he could not see your eyes and he felt shut out may be??? He sure loves it where it is now. Congratulations Tim on Snow flake been in Quilters News letter it will be a while till it gets Down Under but i will keep an eye open for it. I would never tire of looking at this beautiful quilt, it is so restful and calming. Cheers Glenda Down Under

  5. Catherine Keelan-Parsons says:

    iI’m sure you already have, but just in case … shampoo can cause dry and itching skin and maybe Teddy needs a different one. I used Eucalyptus wool mix on my Westies and it not only stopped them itching, it kept the nasties away. Cheers, Catherine

  6. Deanna turner says:

    I had a Jack Russell that would lick all the fur off her feet if she ate people food. I love your handquilting. I have acquired a grace frame and the first one I want to do is a rescued quilt and I am using the bigs stitch method!

  7. Cheri says:

    Oh, poor Teddy! Good thing that dogs live in the moment. He probably put that vet visit behind him hours ago!

    I’m with you on machine quilting. I only do it if I have to. And that would probably change if I stuck with it, but somehow it just doesn’t appeal to me. I think most quilters gravitate to their favorite aspects of quilting.

    Thanks for sharing your star quilts.

  8. Sara says:

    Nice star and congrats on the Reindeer issue! Hope Teddy finds relief!

  9. Cindy says:

    I just finished machine quilting a lap size quilt. I was so discouraged. I have lumps and crooked quilting lines. It was not relaxing at all. I was going to do my next quilt with my machine because it is 68″ × 78″. However, I’m thinking I’ll do it by hand.

  10. Your decorative stitches add a nice dimension. I too am more comfortable with hand quilting than machine quilting. Even though it takes longer. I like the process. It is therapy for me.

  11. Marla says:

    I can empathize with your feelings about quilting by machine. Even though my skills have improved, I think I will always enjoy hand quilting more.

  12. jean says:

    I do not know the product itself, but have heard advertisements on the radio for Dinobite, at to help dogs get over hot spots, elusive allergies, etc, and give them back their vigor… you might try looking into that

    • Pamela says:

      We just placed an order for Dinovite for our Doxie pups. Our male long haired Doxie is going nuts with the itchy skin. The Dinovite company is waiting for an ingredient not in stock, supposed to arrive today, to make more. We have decided to try it. I suppose it won’t arrive until next week at this point. I feel so bad for our little Bowie. I am hopeful of good results.
      Hope Teddy gets the cure soon too. He is a cute little rascal.
      Wow the quilts! AMAZING!

  13. I truly admire your reindeer quilt and had a smile when I saw it in the newsletter edition! I actually admire all of your work and as a new quilter, aspire to perhaps be a successful quilter one of these days:-). You are an inspiration, thank you.
    I see there is a great deal of advice offered already for your dear Teddy and his allergy issues and, of course, I have a bit of info to share with you as well. After many distressful years of dealing with allergies and tests and all sorts of ideas and medicines for internal and external use we came upon the most wonderful “cure”! It was complete and we never looked back or used another food product for bath product or medication. We learned by experimenting with various food kibbles that our sweet Labrador, Kate, was allergic to all sorts of hidden products found in most dog food products. We always chose the higher end feeds so I was a bit surprised to learn even those brands carried the ingredients we learned were the culprit to each and every one of her allergy issues. The new feed turned her around in skin, itching, odor, ear fungus….every one was eradicated by switching her to Orejin Six Fish dog food. You can google it to find out all about the company and their products and your nearest supply store. It is expensive but for us, it was worth the expense to save in so many other medicines and time spent trying to keep her totally allergy symptom free with the visits to the vet! The coat on this old lady turned into the most lovely soft coat and best of all she didn’t itch or have sores or the unpleasant odor from her skin and ears any longer. It took about three weeks for us to see the turn around. After that, she never had another problem at all. No, I’m not a vet nor do I work for Orijen…I’m just a momma of one terrific old lady who needed for me to find a solution to her allergy issues:-) We discovered even the slightest amount of grain or grain products would set her off so read the ingredients of available feed options for totally grain free feed if you can’t find Orijen. We lost Kate last February at 15 years of age. Her last five years of life were so much more wonderful for her than were her first ten just for having switched her to the Six Fish Orijen….she wasn’t allergic to fish:-) I sure do hope your Teddy can find relief soon! Oh, just recently we reached a place where we could open our hearts to another pup in our home and found our darling Yorkie pups, Briggs and Tess. Yes, they are fed Orijen just as are our two Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian dog who work here on our farm:-)

    Thank you again for all of the help I obtain from your generous sharing of guilting advise!

    • timquilts says:

      We are pretty sure that Teddy is not having food allergies. His itchy skin is seasonal…..fall and spring and at other times of they year he has no problems and his diet doesn’t ever change, He has never had any ear infections, or other problems, just itchy.
      Happy Quilting

  14. kemosabaycampground says:

    I have had good experiences using essential oils on myself and my dogs. For the dogs I only use the ones from “animal eo”. They are formulated by a vet.
    I too totally prefer the look and feel of had quilting. That being said the decorative stitching on the star quilt looks great.

  15. I am so happy for you! That snowflake quilt is so clever and very beautiful! I stopped taking all of my quilting magazines about a year ago, and the one I miss most is Quilters Newsletter. I actually read that one! From cover to cover, so I should renew my subscription.

    I think the star quilts are so pretty and s great pattern idea. I should use aaaalllllll of those decorative stitches on my machine. I mostly use my featherweight and treadle and love hand quilting also. I’m not very good at hand quilting, I just do it. My stitches are not perfect, tend to be tiny. I need to make them a little bigger and more consistent. I just love the feel of a hand quilted quilt. However, there is a place for them all and we don’t have enough time to do them all by hand. I remember sitting in the den once I the middle of the floor with a walking foot in my machine and my husband helping me feels a king size (bigger actually) through- tackling it to get in the mail for my daughter for
    We didn’t get divorced… But it was taxing. I imagine you’d be hell with a long arm! My friend free hands it with hers and does wood grain and sll kinds of textures and designs. hsve you ever played with one? I don’t want one, but I can see you doing amazing things with one.

    Give mr teddy a Benadryl orally- that’s what I did with mine- it was seasonal with mine-oak leaves and the little seed things that dropped in spring.

    This is the longest comment I’ve ever posted. Lol

    Go Tim go! Love watching you….

    • timquilts says:

      🙂 I would like to try a long arm some day just for fun. Teddy does get Benadryl and that helps some…makes him very sleepy but better…..we hope to find the cause so I might be able to prevent it

  16. I love your blog site, Tim. Your snowflake is amazingly beautiful and it is so nice to see Teddy. Gorgeous star quilt… very holiday.

  17. Lorij says:

    Sorry Teddy is going through this. Allergies are surely no fun. As several posters have stated, it could have to do with his food and then he could be allergic to grass. Hopefully the testing will discover what’s going on and he’ll be back to himself soon.
    Congratulations on being in Quilts. You are achieving some wonderful things. Yea!!!! for hand quilting there’s nothing more wonderful😄!

  18. Lorij says:

    Sorry that Teddy is having allergies. As others have posted he may be allergic to the food and also the grass. He’ll be okay soon.
    Congratulations on your wonderful quilt being in Quilts.

  19. Ginney Camden says:

    Poor Teddy. I hope they find his itching problem. I have to agree with you about the machine quilting. I have only done it a couple times and I hated it but I’m sure it was because of the one doing the stitching. I have a better machine now with a walking foot but I am scared to try to machine quilt on something that I really like. It’s just easier to hand quilt even though I don’t get nearly as many things done.

  20. Rosalie Roberts says:

    The star quilt is very interesting and I love the Teddys but I am really fascinated by the curtains. Think I will be using that idea. Probably need three of them in my bedroom/sewing room. Thanks for your inspirations always.

  21. Carolyn says:

    A walking foot is a MUST for machine quilting with success! I do both hand and machine quilting, and some quilts with both! I’ve even managed the gentle curves of a Winding Ways quilt with the walking foot. I haven’t mastered free motion quilting yet, but know that practice makes perfect (as I told my piano students over and over again!). I find that wrestling a full size quilt around on my home sewing machine is very tiring, and have done a couple in sections. But my preferred form nowadays is hand quilting in the “big stitch” style.
    A good way to practice machine quilting using a walking foot might be to make place mats.
    I liked the decorative stitching on the stars, and agree that silver would have been smashing!

    • timquilts says:

      I have done it before on the one other machine quilted quilt, and it does help a lot…..I just need a walking foot for my slant shank singers….the one I have is for my old kenmore

  22. Rose in Vt says:

    Your description of machine quilting brought back memories! And a few smiles. I thought the same things when I first decided to try it. It did NOT come naturally. I persevered and now love it. But I don’t compare my enjoyment of it to hand quilting as they are done to different quilts in different settings.
    Using decorative stitches on bindings really can dress up a quilt. And that you’re less likely to miss the underneath edge with a wider stitch is an added bonus. 🙂


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