Quilting the Star

I finished piecing the second star top this afternoon. I pieced it in rows.


then joined the rows in 2 groups


Then joined the 2


Then I pin basted it.

DSCN8471 (2)

And now I am Hand quilting it.


After that is finished I plan to write up a pattern.

Piecing took a little longer than I planned because I kept watching the squirrels out the studio window.

DSCN8466 DSCN8465

They can’t get into the bird feeders but it sure doesn’t stop them from trying.

Happy Quilting


18 thoughts on “Quilting the Star

  1. huggybears says:

    These fun furry creatures are seldom seen over here where I live -wish to see and feed them along with some featherd freinds though 😀

  2. Peg says:

    About how big is the quilt? Thinking it might be cool without a background as a wall hanging?

  3. civilwarlady says:

    Very nice job on the stars, Tim. I also start to daydream when I see the birds and squirrels from my sewing room window! Abbey says hi to Teddy.

  4. I love it, Tim. Looking forward to the pattern.

  5. sandra says:

    what size hoop do you use to quilt

  6. sandra says:

    what size hoop do you use the most??? I love your star pattern.in fact I really like all of your ideas for the patterns that YOU create….Men have a talent for designing in a mathematical way to do with squares “and triangles and how they will fit together…oh by the way the reason that your dog may have allergies may be due the food..there is a preservative in dry food and in some canned food called ethoxiquin that is a by product of rubber ..I may have not spelled it rite but you go on the internet and do some research on it ..our dog had the same PROBLEM ..just check it out…

    • timquilts says:

      22 inch hoop the most ….
      The problem isn’t food because it is seasonal …only fall and spring…..and his food is the same every day year round……he is past the fall problem now so he likely wont be itchy again until spring

  7. Pamela says:

    The squirrels are quite cute. I love to feed them too. I couldn’t imagine the bird feeder without the daily squirrel party. I’m thinking we may need to put up a squirrel feeder so the birds can eat while they feast.
    How is Teddy?
    The quilt is looking good!

  8. Matthew says:

    Any idea where you got that squirrel proof bird feeder. Love it.


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