Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

One of my quilts was accepted for the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum exhibit “No Girls Allowed”. The show runs January 29th through April 26th.

whole cloth finished 020-9



This is the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum’s Thirteenth Biennial Exhibit of Quilts Made by Men. and the third that I have had a quilt in.

This one was in 2012


and this 2014

I put together a storage shed for tools etc.

DSCN8569 DSCN8568

It is so nice to have storage space.    The assembly required exactly 2 million 87 screws.

Remember the boots Quilt top?


I got started on quilting it.   12 weight Aurifil cotton thread (equivalent to size 12 perle cotton ) and a big needle .   Easy to see thread because of the contrast so it is going pretty good.

DSCN8570 DSCN8572 DSCN8571

several others in progress too……more pictures soon

Happy Quilting



52 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

  1. anngenaske says:

    Congratulations on. . .. .everything!

  2. Carol says:

    You are amazing. What do you use to mark your quilts

    • timquilts says:

      It depends on the quilt……whole cloth quilt I usually use a #2 pencil…..the boots quilt I used a crayola washable marker (the kind they make for kids) they are easy to see and wash out great

      • Lindsay Pavel says:

        I know I am late for this post . . . when my kids were in preschool we were warned that the green washable markers don’t wash out; the other colors are fine. That was twenty-five years ago, so I am very late!

      • timquilts says:

        I think they have improved them since then…..I have used the green with no problem

  3. Marilyn says:

    Hi Tim & Teddy. I really enjoy your work. Yesterday my copy of the Dec/Jan 2016 Quilters Newsletter came in the mail. There on page 19 was a picture of your Reindeer Snowflake quilt! Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations! I’m glad we’re both part of it again.

  5. Sara says:

    Congrats! And congrats for using all 2 million 87 screws, any leftovers? Sounds like an Ikea shed!
    Love “the boots were made for walkin’ ” quilt!

  6. Kelly Callaghan says:

    Wow Tim, Your quilt is amazing. Congratulations. Like Sara said, “did you get the shed from Ikea?” and how did you mange all those screws? I look at your work ad think that you must never sleep as you are so productive!

    • timquilts says:

      The shed came from Menards. they sell them at most of the home stores Lowes, Home Depot etc….I went to menards because the others didnt have them in stock locally at this time of year

  7. Nerida Duncan says:

    Congratulations Tim. I think it is wonderful that there is an exhibition just for men. And Congrats to Bill Volkening as well.

    Now lets just hope you never have to take that shed apart to move it. I hope Teddy didnt think you were buidling him a home of his own..

  8. Congratulations! Love your quilting. What have you used to mark your quilting lines on the boots quilt? Hand quilters are always looking for something that is good to see; stays on while you need; and removes easily. LOL

  9. susie Q says:

    Bravo on the inclusion to the No Girl’s Allowed Club!!!! Bravo on the shed – using only 2 million screws and Bravo on the boot quilting. You get so much finished, I continue to be amazed.

  10. Kristen says:

    Every last screw, Tim?! What’s the per-inch on that, 8-10? Impressive in a quilt, amazing in a shed! Well done. I assume Teddy supervised, according to his finely honed skills. I think it’s great you’re sending the whole cloth to Denver. Still have to get to that museum some day.

  11. glendajean says:

    Morning Tim I do love your whole white cloth quilts they remind me of my grandmothers quilt tops she had on her beds in the guest rooms when I was a tiny child. I wonder what happened to them. Great wee work shed and you made me laugh out loud at how many screws there were LOL. But it does look so quant sitting there. Cheers Glenda

  12. Patty says:

    My father had a quilt in the 1st men-only quilt show at the Rocky Mountain Quilt museum. I am glad to see that they have continued that show and tradition.

  13. Sandra B says:

    The whole cloth quilt is amazing!! Congratulations on having it included in the exhibit!
    Love that boots quilt…and the crosshatch quilting! Perfect!!
    Hello to Teddy!

  14. Can’t wait to see your quilt in person! I’ve been a member of RMQM for several years & that show is always terrific!

  15. Wow your whole cloth is amazing, congrats, the 2012 one is really a stunner though too.

  16. katechiconi says:

    Great that you’re in the exhibition, congratulations! I just think it’s a pity they had to use that title. I don’t think male quilters are excluded from other exhibitions on the basis of their sex. I do think it’s great to celebrate the fact that so many men are now quilting, and doing it beautifully, but did the name of the exhibition have to be so divisive? Back off my soapbox now, and I wish you success!

  17. Lindsay Pavel says:

    Your work is beautiful and so varied but quilting is always a big part of every design. How do you make the squares so perfectly identical on your boot quilt?

  18. Congratulations, Tim! Your work is gorgeous!

  19. Pauline Milazzo says:

    Amazing quilting Tim. Do you stab stitch?

  20. Pat Beech says:

    Congratulations about the “No Girls Allowed” exhibition, what a fabulous idea. I know it’s a way off yet but would love to see photos of everyones work. I can’t help wondering Tim what you do with all the quilts that you make? Your quilts/work are just fantastic.

  21. Ann says:

    I saw your quilt in the 2012 show in Golden. That’s when I started reading your blog. It’s even lovelier in person than in a photo. Congratulations on another successful entry.

  22. Ginney Camden says:

    Your new quilt for the no girls allowed exhibit is beautiful. Of course I say that about all your quilts but I really like this one.


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