Applique Start

I got a little bit of the rose applique done.

Here is the template.


See the post about it here


It is going pretty well.    I am using silk thread which is so nice to work with.    I have a lot of applique ahead of me and I will post more details about it as I go.

Teddy went to the groomer and is looking very dignified.


Here is a side by side before the groomer and after

2 teddy

Back to work for me….

Happy Quilting


28 thoughts on “Applique Start

  1. Nerida Duncan says:

    Teddy is looking so dapper now. I will enjoy watching the progress on this applique project

  2. I agree with your assessment of silk thread. It solves some issues but creates others – needle unthreading every three minutes, thread fraying….I am not a fan of knotting my thread at the eye of the needle, either, because of the drag the knot on the fabric. This will be a beautiful piece, though, Tim. Thank you for sharing your ideas, process and progress. I learn so much from your sharing.

    • timquilts says:

      I have not had those issues with silk thread….could be because I use a really long length and rethread before it gets very short

    • Nancy says:

      You really don’t have to put a knot there to get the silk thread to stay. I make a short loop on one end of the thread, put the loop thru the eye and then the needle thru the loop. Works for me anyway.

  3. anngenaske says:

    Isn’t it amazing how the silk thread disappears?! I love it! I also love your hand dyed background fabric. Gorgeous! Enjoy the journey, and thank you for sharing it with us.

    • timquilts says:

      Yes….i was using cotton on the red applique blocks and the difference it amazing ……I used silk on another quilt I made several years ago but I forgot how much I like it until I went back to it

  4. Lorij says:

    Teddy looks very handsome after the groomer. Very stately.

  5. Sharron K. Evans says:

    I’m looking forward to watching your progress. Just curious. Is this the same as reverse applique? Teddy’s so dashing!

  6. katlorien says:

    Hello Tim. I arrived here while blog-hopping and enjoyed everything here. I very much liked your gallery and especially the wedding rings and the triangles quilts.
    I want to try big stitch quilting, so I was particularly interested in your video.
    Like you, I have a dog you always wants to be included in each part of the process. She is a lot scruffier than Teddy, who is totally adorable!
    Nice to meet you Tim. regards from England.

  7. Barbara Rasch says:

    This block is beautiful. Will there be more blocks ? I liked working with silk thread because it disappeared into the fabrics. My dislike was that it would split. Teddy looks so cute with his new cut. He even looks good not cut. I’m a fan.

    • timquilts says:

      This is the center of the quilt….it is 40+ inches across…there will be a few more applique pieces at the 4 corners the background fabric is 90 inches square …no blocks really just one giant piece

  8. Pam G. says:

    Quilt is going to be awesome. Teddy is so very handsome fresh from the groomer. But he’s also adorable before the groomer!

  9. Jaydee Price says:

    A haircut always makes a guy handsome.

  10. Lily says:

    Hi Tim,
    Thanks for imparting valuable informations. Your hand quilting is amazing! I only machine quilt and only uses thread and needle for sewing on buttons and find that the thread always gets knotted or tangled.Is there any tricks to treading the needle?

  11. ctlilylim says:

    Hi Tim
    Always impress with your quilting skill! I only machine quilt and on occasion I would use needle and thread for sewing buttons. My frustration is that, the thread always gets entangle. Is there any tricks to threading the needle? Would appreciate yout imput!

  12. janet says:

    Not an expert here, but I think reverse applique would be drawing the pattern on the background fabric, the rose fabric would be underneath the background and you cut the background to expose the fabric underneath; still ‘needle turn’ applique as you go along, but basically you applique the background to flower fabric. I think the method you chose is perfect for the application and will be beautiful. So happy to see Teddy looking perky again…he looked a little sad in some photos this summer. His photo looks like it should be on a Christmas card. Merry Christmas to you both and as always, thanks for sharing.

  13. nellie1951 says:

    enjoy watching you’re applique steps Tim i,m learning here thanks to you and beautiful Teddy. Merry Christmas

  14. Helen Feder says:

    Hi Tim,
    Thanks for sharing this project. I am definitely learning by seeing how you have approached this. I am new to applique and quilting and am trying to do more by hand as I don’t really have fun when I use the machine. The applique you are doing looks fantastic so far. And Teddy is adorable.


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