Paint Stripping and Applique

I needed another project right?

This cabinet had to come home with me.


Why do people feel the need to paint over beautiful old oak?    Time for paint stripping.


It is kind of strange to see myself in the mirror in the back of the cabinet 😦

It is a messy job…but the paint is coming off pretty easily…..will post more when I get ready to do the finishing.

I got some more done on the rose applique.   I worked on the center.   Here it was the last time I posted


here it is tonight.


Thankfully I lined up the applique properly so that the dark center of the blue fabric is in the same place as the center of the applique.


almost at the half way point!

Teddy was happy to post tonight if he didn’t have to get up from his nap.


Happy Quilting


34 thoughts on “Paint Stripping and Applique

  1. Sandra Henderson says:

    Wow! That will be beautiful when it’s full of quilts … Or whatever you decide to store in it. Loving your appliqué

  2. Sara says:

    Do you dream up projects in the night?? 🙂

  3. Peg Cooper says:

    Cabinet is gorgeous and so is Teddy! Merry Christmas to the two of you and family.

    I’ve never commented before, but I love getting your emails.
    I’m a huge fan of your quilting, yard work and antique gathering!
    Peg C.

  4. Carol says:

    Your new cabinet is a treasure. Can’t wait to see it finished. Keep us posted as you make progress. Your appliqué is great

  5. Marcia Ahlbrand says:

    What stripper did you use? Looks like it did a great job!

  6. Brenda Alward says:

    That will be a gorgeous display cabinet once you’re finished.

  7. Kathy says:

    Thank you for rescuing the curio cabinet. Too many pieces have fallen to bad painting.

  8. Cheri says:

    It looks like quarter sawn oak – very nice. It’s going to be beautiful. And I know just how Teddy feels!

    • timquilts says:

      Yes it is going to be good when done…..I think it also had a mirror on top at one time based on the peg holes…might need to look for one the coordinates. Teddy had a long day…supervising 😉

  9. Its a beauty Tim. It’ll be interesting to see where you take it!

  10. Donna K says:

    Wow, and you refinish furnish furniture too? You are awesome.
    I’ve redone a few pieces and vow to never do it again. I always ran in to problems. Yes I solved them but it was pretty much beyond my wheelhouse sometimes. It was aggravating so now I look at those pieces that need to be redone, smile, and say nope not going to happen. It’s a catch and release for me. Best of luck on the piece. Looks like you have much of it stripped already.
    Teddy looked very cuddly snuggled in.

  11. Nancy says:

    Are you stripping it chemically or with a heat gun? I understand they do a pretty good job if you’re careful.

  12. Ann Genaske says:

    What a lovely surprise to see how the background fabric magically appears perfectly centered on your quilt of roses! Well done!

  13. nellie1951 says:

    hi Tim your applique is going fast ,can’t wait to see how that cabinet going to look. have a nice weekend Tim and Teddy

  14. katechiconi says:

    We had a cabinet like that with the silver in it! Not painted, thank goodness. I’m not sure what happened to it when the family home was sold and we all dispersed…

  15. Pam G. says:

    I don’t get the painting either! Why would anyone want to cover a treasure like that?! I can’t wait to get back to Michigan and pick up a beautiful curved glass cabinet my grandmother had. AND a 5-legged oak table my great grandmother had that seats 12. Quilt is coming along nicely and going to be beautiful. Teddy looks pretty cozy and I don’t blame him for not wanting to get up.

  16. Barbara Rasch says:

    Cabinet is beautiful. We had one and unfortunately had to sell it. No place to put it. Teddy looks serene. Waiting for Santa?

  17. Ginney Camden says:

    You get so much done that it just amazes me!


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