The Sphinx

The New sewing machine came today.


It is a Singer 127 and  It’s serial number is   AA251096


That makes it’s birth date  January 25, 1925.  You can look up your singer machine based on serial number here

It was in pretty rough shape (so it was inexpensive)  It had been unused for so long that it was frozen.   It took a lot of work oiling it get it running smoothly but it is now running like new!    The decals are in pretty good shape.    The Sphinx pattern is pretty cool.

It will some day go into a treadle (it doesn’t fit in the Free cabinet) once I find a good deal on one.   For the time being I put it into a basic sewing machine cabinet.   It had an old dressmaker machine in it that I wasn’t super fond of (really rough running and clunky).    I added a motor and foot pedal to the Machine and gave it a test run and it is pretty darn good.

Yesterday I wrote about free motion quilting on the free machine.   I sort of solved the issues with it by making my own darning foot.   I used a paperclip to make it.


That might be hard to see….here is a closer picture.  The paperclip I used was one of those plastic coated striped kind)

DSCN8918 (2)


I will post more about that after I spend some more time testing it.

I finished all the blocks for the snowball quilt.


Now to sew them all together.

Teddy says Hello


Happy Quilting





42 thoughts on “The Sphinx

  1. Sara says:

    Nice one! I have an old Elgin Rotary machine that needs a new motor and wiring and my husband is taking it apart to see what can be done with it. Not sure of the age, it has a #AAE 66543 on it and is in a cabinet, too. Such fun with these old machines!

  2. huggybears says:

    What a delight to see the decals of this oldie in such great condittions-look like painted yesterday-not in 1925 -awesome .I knew you can make her move again-and finding a solution for free motion quilting simply using a covered paper clip-you are a genious Tim !! Wonderful top you pieced together-love the colors .Hugs,Marga

  3. Pat says:

    Really pretty machine.

  4. Nancy says:

    Beautiful old machine for sure. I’ve never seen one with those decals. Your paper clip ‘darning foot’ brought something to mind. I now must hunt for a wire spiral spring I have somewhere. The paper with it said was to connect to the machine for mending. Never tried to use it and could work with my Singer 99.

  5. Cheri Dawn says:

    A paper clip – I am so impressed with your ingenuity! Love your new machine. Does s/he have a name? It looks brand new. Have fun seeing on it. And Teddy is as cute as ever.

  6. Mary De Losh says:

    Beautiful machine, mine is not in near that good of condition. Hope you are abe to find a cabinet to put her in.

  7. terryknott says:

    Now you are AMAZING! I wouldn’t have thought of using a paper clip; but, yes, it is the perfect solution and so affordable as well! Your new machine is a beauty. I’m glad that she purrs when she runs. She is probably happy to be working again!

  8. Nerida Duncan says:

    Its a beautiful machine Tim. I bought a Pinnock just before Christmas, one owner, made in 1963. I love it. The lady who owned it had been using it up till a couple of weeks before I bought it. It is a real piece of engineering and weighs a LOT!. When asked why i was driving all that way to buy a 1963 sewing machine all I could say was “Because it is green”. They just wouldnt have understood.

    I like the ‘outside the box thinking’ re the quilting foot invention.

    Say hello to Teddy for me.

  9. joandstella says:

    I love that you can find out the age of your singer. I have a 66 that came off the line in 1944, making it 6 years younger than I am (I am 77). Our closeness in age must be why we get along so well!

    Stella says hi Teddy!


  10. katechiconi says:

    You really are a Renaissance man, handy with a needle, a paintbrush, a border spade and now with sewing machine motors and manufacturing your own darning foot. Do be sure to let us know how you go with that last one!

  11. jechoisir says:

    Teddy, in this picture it’s your nose that I love most. Which is saying a lot since all your parts are stunning. Do not get near Tim when he has a hand full of paperclips.

  12. Lou Page Graham says:

    Hi Tim, your new old Singer is gorgeous,I am sure you will enjoy using her!

  13. nellie1951 says:

    wow smart thinking Tim hope to see a tutorial on you’re foot ,very good idea never would have thought it using a clip for a sewing foot ,thanks for sharing Tim and Teddy

  14. Dorothy says:

    Don’t let Bonnie Hunter see your new machine 🙂

  15. Jaye says:

    Ain’t she a beauty!

  16. Pam G. says:

    So clever to use a paper clip for a darning foot! Who would have thought. Hello back to Teddy.

  17. I watch a lot of period pieces on TV and found it odd that sewing machines were placed in living rooms. Maybe it was a status symbol to own one and maybe that is why your new one is so decorative. It really is a piece of art.

  18. Lorij says:

    I like the machine very much. My mother had a motor put on the Singer treadle machine we had when I was a girl. It was a 1925 model. I’m telling you that was an awesome machine. Teddy looks so sweet, give him a scratch behind the ear for me.

    • timquilts says:

      I think a lot of treadles got “modernized” with motors…..I saw an old advertisement from Macy’s that said the sewing department would add a motor to machines. I wish I had saved it because the cost was so low

  19. sarah says:

    Thankyou for showing how to find the date of a sewing machine. I checked the hand machine that my mother made my baby-clothes on, and it is exactly the same age as I am, made here in England just before the 2nd world war. So poignant.

  20. Ginney Camden says:

    Those decals look like they’re in great shape. How did you get that paper clip attached? That’s amazing. The snowball blocks look good.

  21. That’s paperclip trick is pretty neat. It’s hard to sew anything other than straight lines on these older machines. Nice work!


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