Practice Teddy

I finished the practice Teddy quilt.    It was mostly made to test out a few ideas for a future quilt.     I wanted to see how detailed to make the sketch and I wanted to test out my idea for painting the fabric.   The paint job was just a quick one, the real version will be much more detailed but I did it on this to see how it would hold up to washing.   It worked out great.   No fading in the wash at all and the fabric stayed soft.  When I get ready to do the real quilt I will post all about how I do the painting. (which will be much easier to do before I quilt it!)

Teddy likes it.


I have been working on the hand quilting of this quilt.


I am doing the quilting for a friend. She made the top, and layered the quilt.   It is very thick flannel front and back and wool batting (which is almost like a wool blanket rather than the wool batting I use)    This is by far the hardest quilting I have ever done.   I have quilted denim, corduroy, polyester….nothing even comes close to being this difficult.    My hands ache and that never happens.   That being said I am determined to finish it and it is looking good.

DSCN9027 DSCN9026

I have been asked how to mark the quilt for Baptist fans….I’ll do a demo of that in the next post.

Happy Quilting


28 thoughts on “Practice Teddy

  1. Sara says:

    Teddy looks happy with it!’ That friend quilt is wonderful!

  2. huggybears says:

    Awesome colors on thats quilt by your friend-and the baptist fan I learned to really love-sorry to read you had such a hard time quilting due to the batting she wanted to be used . And a delight to watch for the portrait of Teddy !! Marga

  3. Sandra Henderson says:

    I can’t wait to see how you mark your baptist fans. I have cut various arcs from cereal boxes and used those, plates at times, or just by hand at random. My problem is where to begin and how to do it from top to bottom to middle, etc. ; the overall layout or route I’ll take. Just where to begin and where what road to travel. I’ve seen it from top to bottom. Sides working in towards middle. Diagonally. Anyway, I’m happy you will post about this because I love using this pattern.

    Love how Teddy came out, you’re so creative.

    I just finished a flannel backed quilt and I love flannel. It was difficult, so I can’t imagine what a bear this is! Your friend is fortunate.

  4. Katherine says:

    No wonder that Teddy is pleased withe “Practice Teddy”! It is just incredible! You did a marvelous job capturinh his sweet face and expression!

  5. Eileen Mele says:

    Great, Tim! One suggestion. If the scarf was darker,or a different color, it would make the head come forward. Also some darker hairs would help define the contours of his body. Hair is all shades of color, even tho we see that he’s a white dog. Just suggestions!

  6. Lindsay Pavel says:

    I think your practice Teddy looks just like the real thing. Although after reading the previous remark I went back and noticed that Teddy’s eyebrows are whiter than the rest of his fur. His nose is matte black, and his eyes look like black glass marbles. His eyes are incredibly shiny!

    Are you using big stitch quilting for your friend’s thick quilt?

  7. says:

    The teddy quilt is the best ever. Gwen Brock

  8. Carol says:

    Thanks Tim. I enjoy your posts and look forward to receiving them

  9. Marla says:

    Looking forward to the baptist fan description. I love this quilting pattern, but I haven’t tried it yet.

  10. Annie m. Perry says:

    Hello have been reading your post for awhile, love seeing all your quilting, the treadle quilting got me hooked, beautiful! I tried to hand quilt a few years ago, I admire those who can do this . Practice I’m sure would help me but I gave up 😊, I do quilting on my singer 301, my go to machine. Thank you for all your inspiration! Create and enjoy🍐

    • timquilts says:

      I love my 301. I think I am going to try some quilting on it too. Mine needs an adjustment on the foot controller….it gets really hot if I run the machine slowly….and I need to go slow with Free motion ….I might try a new one

  11. Mary H. says:

    Your talent and dedication are inspiring.
    Please take care of your hands. Take lots of breaks and do some hand and finger stretches.

  12. Louise says:

    I have never quilted “baptist fan” and was going to ask for a demo. Great timing since I thought it might be used on the quilt I am working on. Look forward to your showing how to mark!

  13. Marilyn Schambach says:

    That must be a VERY good friend! I have added an electronic foot controller and am much happier. Have you ever used Paintstiks?

  14. Ginney Camden says:

    Love the quilting on this one and the colors she used. The Teddy quilt is so very cute. You did all that detail for his body on the machine??


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