Trip to the Antique Mall

I sold a few quilts in the last few days.  Most of the money will go to bills, which never seem to take a month off, but I had to buy something fun too.    I went to a local Antique Mall today to look for a sewing machine cabinet.    I have a Singer 66 that I would like to put in a cabinet to make it more usable.

I had hoped to find a treadle base for it but the only one I found was too expensive and had a Wheeler and Wilson machine in it…..which I might need to reconsider but another time.

I did find this.


It was 22 dollars.     It looks pretty rough doesn’t it?

here it is opened up.


I spent the day cleaning it up……I’ll put a new finish on it tomorrow and show you how it looks.

There was a machine in it.


It is not in great shape.   I might be able to fix it up …it needs a major cleaning oiling and rewiring.    But it is sort of cool looking.   I will give it a try but even if it doesn’t work I have the cabinet.

A little further down the aisle I saw this.


It is a Singer 201 made in 1955.    It is missing its power cord and foot pedal and the paint isn’t great but the 201 is a great machine.
The Singer Class 201 Sewing Machine features a low shank and a rotary hook. It uses Class 66 Bobbins and 15×1 needles.The electric gear-drive motor mounted on the back of these machines are typically referred to as “potted” motors.  The Singer 201 is considered by many collectors to be the best sewing machine Singer ever made.   It was 29 dollars.   I hope to have it cleaned up and running soon and it will go in the new cabinet. I looks like it has a bandage on it.    It was quite common for people to pin a piece of fabric around the machine to use a a place to hold pins.    Old machines often are very scratched up in that area from pins.   I have not take it off yet to see if this one has been scratched up.

I have been working on hand quilting .

DSCN9028 DSCN9027

I didn’t get a chance to do the marking a baptist fan demo but I will have that for next time.

This quilt is so hard to quilt!    My hands get so tires that I had to take several breaks.    I decided to do some more treadle quilting between hand quilting.

I got this top a few years ago.


It was probably made in the 60’s -70’s.     It isn’t the most special quilt top in the worls but I thought it would be a good one to continue to practice on.

I’m using red cotton thread.  I can definitely see why some quilters like to use invisible thread! The red contrasted with the yellow really show my mistakes.


I am doing this one without marking….so it is a challenge for me to make them all look alike but again it is good practice.


I am continue having tension problems which causes the bobbin thread to break, It is a long  bobbin in a shuttle shuttle28

I think I have it set correctly now.   I will have to do a few more feathers and see if the thread breaks.

I changes out a few of the hanging quilts.

DSCN9050 DSCN9049

And now I am back to hand quilting for the night.   And Teddy is happy….he like it best when I sit still so he doesn’t have to follow me around the house.


Happy Quilting


22 thoughts on “Trip to the Antique Mall

  1. Marci says:

    I am so ashamed of my lack of productivity, despite my busy-ness. Love the new cabinet.

  2. Ann Thomas says:

    Wow! You got that Singer 201 at an all time steal. I’ve heard it is the best machine Singer ever made. I have been looking for a deal for years. I do have a close cousin to the 201. It’s a Singer 15-90. I demotorized it and set it in a treadle cabinet.

    • timquilts says:

      I was really surprised to find it …..I always wanted one but never see them for a decent price……this one needs a lot of work but it sure will be worth it……I have also thought about the 15-90 and If I ever see a deal on one I’ll have to get that as well …..I think it would be a great one in a treadle cabinet…..

  3. Katherine says:

    I’ am so impressed with your machine quilting efforts — you only recently started and you are already doing those beautiful feathers! Oh — and then there’s all your machine tuning and wood/cabinet work, keeping up with your hand quilting and swapping put your handing quilts—you are a whirlwind — of course Teddy wnats you to SIT DOWN IN ONE PLACE!!!!

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks….Im finding the feathers to be fun but challenging, I tend to move too fast around the curve and that makes for gaps ….working on the treadle speed and hand coordination to get that worked out… the end of the day I am glad to sit in one place too 🙂

  4. Cheri says:

    Congratulations on finding a 201! They truly are the Rolls Royce of Singers. I think you will love sewing on it. And the red thread is great. I think it really adds a lot. If there are variations in the feathers, that just adds charm in my book. Does the shuttle bobbin hold about the same amount of thread as a regular bobbin? Looks like it would be a lot less.

    • timquilts says:

      It was a great find….I have been looking for them on eBay and could find one less than 200 and then huge shipping on top of that because it is so heavy…….the shuttle bobbin actually holds more thread than my 301 or 600 or kenmore, or elna bobbins

  5. pwest20 says:

    Have you ever hear of a Singer “chainstitch machine”? Made in 1914.

  6. Sara says:

    What great finds! Congrats, and can’t wait to see them all spice and span! LOL!

  7. Marla says:

    I’m so glad you found a 201! It is my favorite machine. I have one with the potted motor that is just a work horse. I do most of my piecing on it. I also have a lovely 201 in a treadle that I have used to piece several quilts. And, I have a 201 hand crank that I love to use when piecing curves, or anything that you need a lot of slow, precise stitching. Plus, it is portable so I can take it to retreats (or camping). No electricity needed! Enjoy your new addition.

  8. Jenny Jones says:

    So pleased I joined your blog, your one busy man and your inspiring me to try some treadle quilting!! I’m looking at the feathers your just doing and I’m wondering is it ok to start a quilt at the top and work down ??? I just wouldn’t know where to start. Oh and I love little Teddy’s face he is adorable.

  9. Rose in Vt says:

    What a find! Where do you get replacement motors for these? Have fun bringing the machine and cabinet back to life!

  10. Martyne says:

    What a day at the antique mall Tim! Wow!

  11. Oh my! Thank you for sharing your machines with us!


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