Nearing the end

I have been making an effort to get this quilt finished.   It is by far the hardest quilt I have ever hand quilted.    I will have it finished this week……That means I have Friday and Saturday to do it .

I took a few pictures tonight… they are (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


26 thoughts on “Nearing the end

  1. Absolutely stunning!! Well worth the hard work!

  2. Cheri says:

    It is really beautifully quilted. I’ll bet your fingers are sore and you are relieved to be nearing the end. You really do hang in there and finish what you start!!

  3. Angela says:

    We are serious quilters here!, Teddy says staring at us to show he means it.

  4. huggybears says:

    Gorgeous colors -Somewhere over the rainbow-its stunning and so awesome is your quilting. Hugs to Teddy being so patiently waiting . Marga

  5. dljolin says:

    Why was this harder? Curious. Love your perseverance & motivation.

  6. Sandy Arcari says:

    Tim…Why was this the hardest to quilt?…..all the seams? Looking great!

    • timquilts says:

      thick dense flannel top and back……seams that are impossible to get a needed through and the hardest betting I have ever used……

      • Jana says:

        What kind of batting are you using? And this is the first time you are using this kind of batting, or did you use it before perhaps with the “lighter” or easier fabric? Just curious, I am still trying to find the “perfect” batting for me.
        Love your blog, it is so helpful.

      • timquilts says:

        I am quilting this for someone who made the top and layered it herself…..I dont know what king of batting it is……I would imagine it is no longer made since it was basted many years ago……my favorite remains Hobb’s Tuscany Wool

  7. Sharron Evans says:

    Your work is so amazing!

  8. Lorij says:

    You’re doing a beautiful job. You’ll soon be finish. Great to have stick to it tive ness.😊

  9. sarah says:

    Please may I ask for your advice? I have made the blocks for a quilt from recycled cotton fabrics, but have bought Moda fabric for the sashing and borders. Should I wash the new fabric before using it? I would be so grateful for your help.

    • timquilts says:

      I would wash first. Even good fabric will shrink some and if you attach it to fabric that has already been shrunk through use it will make a pucker quilt.

  10. Marla says:

    This one has really tested you. I hope you get it finished soon to give your hands and shoulder a break.

  11. Girl in the Stix says:

    Oh Lord, nearly had a heart attack when I saw the photo of Teddy and the headline “Nearing the end.” Thank goodness you were talking about your lovely quilt.

  12. jechoisir says:

    I note Teddy boy is sitting on a quilt. Was that before the snow? I had same problem with WW in our downpour. The rains were torrential, but the thunder and lightning strikes never stopped. WW would be almost ready to go to the bathroom and then would come a clap of thunder. I had to watch him like a hawk. I love the spool quilt, Tim. gi

    • timquilts says:

      Hard to say…….he seems to always want to sit on a quilt these days…..I have one that is just for him when he comes inside after a wet or snowy walk……I try not to take any pictures of quilts unless he is clean and dry because he thinks it is his job to sit on them for pictures 🙂 The spool quilt might become another dog quilt…..some quilts are just meant to be used!


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