New Plan and more quilting

I have a plan to make a treadle sewing machine base.   I want another that I can use for some of my machines.     The base for my Free Machine doesn’t fit any of my singers.   The hinges are at a different distance apart.    I will show pictures when I get going on this but here is what I plan to convert.


The 3 center drawers will come out for a treadle and the 2 side cabinets will be for storing the “extra” machines.     I think I will paint it with a wood grain.

I have worked on some treadle quilting with supervision from Teddy.


I should have this one finished with one more day of work…….3000 yards of thread so far.

Click pictures to enlarge

I am back to hand quilting for tonight
Happy Quilting


29 thoughts on “New Plan and more quilting

  1. Angela says:

    Teddy is concerned: he is starting to see you as a machine, too. I am with him.

  2. omegamary says:

    Question: How many hours in a day on your planet? I can’t get half as much accomplished in a week, down here on earth.

  3. Martha says:

    You are blowing my mind with your beautiful machine quilting. How did you pick this up so quickly, and on a treadle machine, no less?!? I’m a hand quilter and I’m so intimidated by machine quilting — maybe I need to find a treadle machine.

    • timquilts says:

      I was always intimidated by it as well…..but once I got the treadle I found that I can do it…because it is so easy to get good control of the speed….I did piece a top on the machine first to get a lot of practice with it and get the feel for the control of it…..

  4. sarah says:

    Heartfelt thanks for your prompt and helpful reply about washing new fabric. I shall be at the dolly-tub today!

  5. Wow Tim you amaze me again. I can’t believe you did this amazing quilting on an antique sewing machine, I have no idea other than that it is powered by the foot (encyclopedia explanation) how a treadle sewing machine is operated but wow, so are you converting from being a hand quilter to a machine quilter. I will have to go back and see if you have written any previous posts on this. Thanks for sharing,

  6. Annie m. Perry says:

    You are such an inspiration! Love the free motion so far, the leaves are beautiful! I have tried tiny circles but find it very difficult , I’m not very patient! Can not wait to see your new treadle base, I have many machines, 90+ to be exact, various stages, but love the remake you plan! Happy creating!

  7. judysew4th says:

    Your machine quilting is inspiring. The alteration to the chest of drawers to a sewing cabinet intrigues me. I look forward to the transformation. Perhaps Teddy would wear some earmuffs while the power tools are in action?

  8. Kitty Longo says:

    You should join the Yahoo Group called TreadleOn–loads og good info on treadle and other people powered machines. Including machines, cabinets, cleaning, repairing, fitting machines into cabinets. One of our members who also does treadle quilting had a large table with treadles on all 4 sides. That is quilt a set-up’

  9. Rose in Vt says:

    Wow Tim, I’m just loving seeing your machine quilting progress! I’ve got to get my treadle unburied under all the tax papers and take a good look at it.

  10. Glenda says:

    Morning Tim, one of the things I like about your emails coming in most mornings is your surprises, like your new purchases of wooden furniture that are perfect as is or you turn them in to pieces of art, your tutorials on how you do some thing is like attending a lecture, it’s just wonderful. I’m still coming to terms that you are such a new machine quilter! What will you doing in a years time if you are doing this beautiful machine quilting all ready. I’m sure Teddy iswonderingwhere those long hours of just sitting together quietly have gone to, I’m glad for him it is a treadle and not an electric machine LOL. Keep collecting and having fun with your lovely treadle machines there is nothing like them. Cheers Glenda

  11. pat says:

    I am just in awe of you Tim. You are amazing!

  12. Limbania says:

    Beautiful! You’re very talented and dedicated. I had the pleasure to see your quilt in the AQS Phoenix show recently. Love it! I also love using my tredle sewing machines. I learned to sew in one as a child. My great grandma taught me and now I have that machine. Been working on using the treadle not only to piece but to quilt also. What foot are you using for quilting with your treadle?


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