Free Motion Quilting Feet

I have been getting questions about free motion quilting feet suitable for a treadle machine. There are many old machines that have non standard presser foot systems but if your machine will take a standard side clamping low shank foot like this

low-shank-presser foot

You will have several choices.

I had to modify the presser bar on my Free #5 machine to take a side clamping low shank foot.    I have an assortment of feet that I tested on it but I have found that this one works best on that machine.


It is a Big Foot brand.    Every machine is different and I find the feet perform differently on different machines.     This one has a large surface and that helps keep the quilt in better contact with the bed and this machine skips stitches when there is not enough pressure between fabric and needle hole.

Here is another foot with a large plastic base.


It didn’t work so great on the Free #5 …it is a touch to short so there is less pressure…this one worked great on the Black Montgomery Ward machine.

This one works best on the Blue 50’s Montgomery Ward machine


A similar foot but with open toe worked on several machines but I don’t care for it.    If the top is bumpy and puckery like the vintage tops I have been working on the opening can catch on the top.


This is the foot that works best on the Singer 127


it puts just the right amount of pressure on the work as the needle goes to the down position and released enough to make it easy to move the work.

Most of my old machines do not have the option to lower the feed dogs so I set them to the shortest possible stitch length to make it easier to move the quilt.

You can find a number of Feet available at local quilt stores or on-line (Sometimes listed as hopping foot or darning foot or embroidery foot) also look for a mat.

I find that if I use a mat I don’t need to wear machine quilting gloves to get the quilt to move easily.

DSCN9303 DSCN9302

The mat doesn’t leave any residue on the machine bed and Is easy to move from one machine to another.

Here is the quilt I am working on now with the Singer 127 treadle


Here are few more pictures including the back (click pictures to enlarge)

Teddy say HI


Happy Quilting


28 thoughts on “Free Motion Quilting Feet

  1. Nancy says:

    I saw that Teddy lovin’ up on Bonnie Hunter. He has great taste in friends. 🙂

  2. Granny June says:

    Love the colors in the quilt ! Granny June

  3. Cheri says:

    This is really useful information. Thanks! (Hi, Teddy!)

  4. Paula-Jo Electra David says:

    I really enjoy your website 😉It’s very helpful thanks so much!!

  5. NikkiM says:

    Thanks this is great info . I just bought myself a Singer treadle machine because we have power outages on this side world and I was wondering how I’m going to quilt with it now I’m not wondering anymore. Thank you

  6. Louise Jackson says:

    I am working on a Strip quilt. Hand quilting it. It is A similar pattern to yours . Love it but a lot of quilting involved . Haven’t figured out what to do in the plain triangles yet….I’m just doing cross hatch in the strips….looking good so far.
    Thanks for all your great emails and congrats on your colourful win.
    You do beautiful work….

  7. Barbara Rasch says:

    Thanks for all the info. Your quilt is very pretty that your working on. Really like the colors. I have a machine that is extremely heavy,just a cover It say Singer Britan on it. It also says made in the U.S. It’s 1949- according to a Singer book that I have. Just wondering if you have ever heard of this one. Also has a wooden top
    Say hi to Teddy.

  8. Lorij says:

    Great information. Beautiful quilt.
    That Teddy looks like he’s smiling at all of us. Give him a snuggle for me 😊.

  9. Becky in VA says:

    Thank you for all the “Quilting Feet” information. I hope to find just the right one for my 1948 Singer Treadle and start learning to machine quilt.

  10. nellie1951 says:

    thanks Tim very well explained for quilting on old machines ,hi cute Teddy

  11. To embroider in the machines Singer, when it does not have the obcion of lowering the teeth, it is necessary to remove the plate, remove the teeth and return to put the plate

    • timquilts says:

      some machines come with a darning plate that will cover the teeth…..but for quilting I dont need to do that….the teeth move so little at the lowest setting that I dont have a problem

  12. Cathie Lanier says:

    Tim, Thanks for showing the information on the SewSlip. I was recently thinking about one but didn’t know the name. Your additional information about using it was very helpful. Keep on quiltin’ Tim and tell Teddy I said hi!

  13. sweetfe says:

    Thank you for the FMQ foot review!


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