Another outside day

More work outside today.   There is always more to do!

I planted some arborvitae as a screen / barrier  to force the meter reader and mail carrier to stop cutting through the garden bed to get to the next yard and smashing my plants and compacting my soil.


They should fill in eventually and make it unpleasant to walk through (I actually thought about something with lots of thorns but decided against it)

I dug out all the really boring hosta from the front of the house…..the front was only hosta and not the pretty kind …plain green small leaves and pretty aggressive .     Once I had all that out I got a few shrubs planted ….flowers are a few weeks off yet but it is a good start.


Doesn’t look like much yet but it will 🙂

I had to spend some time on repair….the stones in the foundation needed mortar work so I patched that up (old houses always need something)


The grass that I planted last year got its first mowing of the season and is looking great


There will be lots of flowers around that fence soon.

The weeping cherry is starting to bloom today and there are hundreds of bees all over it.   unfortunately they don’t show up in the pictures but they are there and most of them are honey bees


The hyacinths are open today and they are fragrant!


A few of the species tulips are starting


and the pasque flowers are starting to bloom


I was thinking about how the garden changes as the years go by.    My weeping Alaska Cedar (Xanthocyparis nootkatensis ‘Pendula’) is a great example.  I planted it in 2007 here it is that year

new tree 2007

It didn’t look like much but it sure has done well!



….next week I plan on getting a delivery of mulch so I need to finish cleaning up all the beds before the delivery happens.

Now I need to get in some stitching time 🙂

Happy Gardening

Tim (and napping Teddy)


22 thoughts on “Another outside day

  1. Rose in Vt says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. pwest20 says:

    I’m confused, didn’t you move not long ago, or were you just moving gardens?

  3. huggybears says:

    Dear Tim-its always amazing to see you in the fantastic garden-working on more new stuff-digging and planting more greens -and beside all the out door work you get accomplished a lot of quilting stuff-too !! Hugs to you for sharing all this-I do feel a little guilty of being lazy once in a while then . Marga ❤

  4. Sandra Henderson says:

    Gosh, nothing slovenly about you! Wow! Love all the flowers. We have those weeping cherries her and I love them when I drive by one. I also love the Japanese magnolias. Love all the bulbs that are flowering. It’s amazing how that cedar has grown! Makes a little privacy also, it appears. You are good at “planting seeds”, no pun intended. You incrementally get a lot accomplished.

    So, the new house is your studio? Or where you now live also? Perhaps you rented the big house and live in the new, I am a bit behind. No matter, it’s nice that you are having such progression in your life. Good for you! Well deserved.

  5. Naomi says:

    Thank you for helping spring arrive on line – you are such a caring gardener – it’s great to follow al your plantings.

  6. Kristen says:

    Hmmm….a trip wire running between the arborvitae? That would put a quick end to the shortcuts, but…not Michigan nice. Could also result in a Michigan not-nice lawsuit. Okay, no, not an option. But I share your annoyance, in a kindly way. I agree with the hosta removal. Dependable but dull, hostas — not suitable for a Tim Latimer gardentopia.

  7. Everything looks nice and clean. The grass is so pretty and green. No patches now.
    I can see the bed when I enlarged the photos.
    I’m surprised that you don’t have a hive. 😊

  8. says:

    Looking nice, I also spent the day with my great helper/husband moving and digging! Whew I decided I’m out of shape! The first of the mulch goes in today, with lots more to do! Up early so I can do a bit of sewing before the beautiful day begins! We also have an older house so we always have stuff to repairs, keeps us out of trouble😀. Enjoy your garden and your day! Annie

    Sent from my iPad


  9. Deb says:

    I love it that your spring is behind us … That way I get to enjoy two springs!:)

  10. Pam G. says:

    So glad I found your blog!!! So enjoy all the quilting and gardening photos and tips. Especially like the weeping Alaska cedar – it has certainly done well. Looking forward to seeing your yards come to life.


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