Re piecing

Yesterday I posted a picture of this vintage top.   Whoever made it did a nice job making the individual blocks but not putting the blocks together into a top.


I spent some time taking it apart and fixing the layout today.


I still need to sew the blocks back together but it sure looks better now that the blocks are in the right order.


Here is a side by side to show the difference


I think I’ll look for a coordinating fabric to add a border.   It is a bit small now.

I also made a few more blocks


but I got distracted playing with the vintage Viking sewing machine.    I have had it for awhile but didn’t have any bobbins but they came in the mail so I had to try it out .    It needed a cleaning and oiling


It is running great now .

I posted pictures of some of my machines yesterday……here are 2 more

Singer 301A and 600

DSCN9587 DSCN9586

I also have my first machine, a Kenmore that I bought new about 25 years ago to make a slipcover (way before I was a quilter) and a 99 dollar brother machine that  I bought to replace the Kenmore when I started quilting.    The brother drives me crazy and that was the reason I bought the Singer 301 and started collecting.

A few things blooming today

DSCN9592 DSCN9594

Teddy says HI


Happy Quilting


26 thoughts on “Re piecing

  1. Donna says:

    The new layout does wonders. Great looking, can’t wait to see it finished.

  2. Funny about the top! There are things to love about it, even as a mess. But yes it will be better with the blocks in the right order.

  3. Mary Whitaker says:

    I would still be picking stitches out of that quilt top. Do you have a special trick? And when do you plan to open your sewing machine museum? Of course it would be a working museum kind of like Greenfield Village.

  4. Beth says:

    Love your re -do of this top.It reminds my of the twists in barbed wire, just lovely.

  5. It’s amazing how much that first picture throws me off now that I’ve seen the way it should have been laid out. Glad you fixed that!

  6. Pam G says:

    The quilt looks much better! You have such patience. Teddy does such a good job posing.

  7. Rose in Vt says:

    The top looks so much better now! The treadle rhythm is improving. Mother has been enjoying hearing of my cleaning/oiling progress on it, as she learned how to sew on it 75 years ago. I had to cut that darned belt 4 times to get it adjusted correctly – that was a pain!

  8. Joanie Christie says:

    Love your quilt top and the colors. What is the name of it? I have a small house so I can not put anymore machines in here but love yours. I do have a treadle (Not cleaned up) and my Mother’s machine when I was small. Will look at your blog for info on getting them back in shape

  9. Linda says:

    Tim, Do you know the year of the 3rd machine from the top of this post? I had a singer that looked kind of like that. I had two singers, the second I think had cams for doing decorative stitching. The first one I had did not have the cams. Just being curious about the date on the one machine.

  10. Barb Smith says:

    The Viking Machine is not really “vintage “. I have one just like it that I bought in late 60’s or does 50 years make it vintage. Maybe I have a treasure?

    • timquilts says:

      foe the purposed of calling something vintage 40 years + counts….but that doesn’t make it valuable….rarity and condition do that ….but some of the good 6010 vikings that have all the accessories , cams, and the case sell for $200

  11. lapaylor says:

    Hi Tim and Teddy, I made that pattern in the 90’s. Around the Twist. Mine graded colors light to dark, and still looks awesome. Hand quilted it with metallic threads back when they were really hard to handle.
    I sent your link to my machine lovin’ friends too.
    Love the machine cleaning talk… just got a featherweight and am afraid to have it cleaned because I don’t want it to stink like so many of them. Someone told me it’s because of the grease you have to use. Hope that’s not true. LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color
    leeannaquilts at gmail dot com

  12. lilquilter says:

    Tim…as soon as I saw the photo in your first post of the Lovers Knot top, I knew some of the blocks looked incorrectly set, and as I read your comments, I had to chuckle – I always scored high on “what’s wrong with this picture?” and apparently you did, too! Yes, I think that top looks much better now. Well done! Keep on quilting!


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