Start of Hand Quilting

I finished the embroidery portion of the Rose needle turn applique quilt and got it layered for hand quilting.


I used Hobb’s Tuscany Wool batting ( my favorite for hand quilting) and I am using medium blue 40 weight cotton thread.


It will take quite a while to finish but i am glad to have it started.

It was a beautiful day today so I went out in the garden and took a few pictures. (click on pictures to enlarge)

Here is what teddy likes to do when He is outside …..start by standing still and sniff the air


then flop on the ground and roll


then as soon as he realizes you are looking jump back up


and try to look like he wasn’t doing it.


He is so funny about rolling ……he loves to do it but hates it when you see him do it

Happy Quilting


12 thoughts on “Start of Hand Quilting

  1. Pam G says:

    The quilt is coming along nicely! So is the garden. Teddy is too cute.

  2. sandy says:

    you have so much talent in your design ideas ,you could work for a large design company..ur work is way above average of the norm..

  3. Nancy says:

    This is a beautiful quilt, Tim. Great attention to detail.

    I know you like using wool batting, so I have a question. Have you had any problem with moths in other quilts with wool batting? I know moths love dark environments and there aren’t too many other places that as dark as between two layers of cloth. I haven’t used wool but I’ve been thinking of using it for a quilt I’m currently working on. I’d love a little more information about wool. Thanks.

    Teddy is adorable. I have an Airedale who likes to dig in private but if she’s caught in the act behaves just as Teddy does, as though she wasn’t doing it.

  4. Linda says:

    You mentioned wool batting. Can it be machined washed? Does it shrink? I toss my quilts in the washer about once a year (I use either the cotton Mountain Mist or a polyester batt.)

  5. Rose in Vt says:

    Teddy knows how to enjoy life! Even if he doesn’t want any witnesses to it…

  6. Val Edwards (Wales, UK) says:

    Well, Tim, – It’s obvious that you’ve been gifted with 48 hours in each day, the patience of a saint, green fingers of a gardener and the skill of a sewing machine refurb. expert – AND you sew beautifully. I’m tempted to say there’s no justice in the world, but that would be unfair…….. when do you find time to relax??? or is stitching your chill-out of choice?. I’m casting a covetous eye over the Rose applique quilt, I love its understated beauty!


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