this and that

The weather has been pretty good so the garden is growing.    Here are some pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

I am making progress on the rose quilt

DSCN9794 DSCN9793


Teddy is helping too

I started a different machine quilted project.    I am using the Treadle machine


Here is the top layered


It is an old top.    I think from the 40’s or there about.     It is not flat or square but I like the simple design.

The first thing I did is quilt in the ditch around the squares using a walking foot .   Here it is after that is done


The quilting will be feathers ….here is the start


This one will go fast….so I’ll show some more pictures next time

Happy quilting


6 thoughts on “this and that

  1. Sara says:

    That quilt will go fast and you’re doing feathers? Amazing…..

  2. Ann says:

    Your garden is looking fabulous. Lansing is so much farther ahead of us in Maine – my late daffodils are still in bloom! But the cold ocean wind is probably holding my plants back.
    The feathered quilt is going to be stunning!

    • timquilts says:

      wow…you are a few weeks behind us. I am so glad that spring was slower here too……gradual warming is so much better than going from snow to 80 degrees in a week

  3. Tim… you are an inspiration. Your handwork is stunning and your dedication to this artistry admirable. Love your site!!!


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