Yes I still hand quilt

I have been posting a lot about machine quilting lately but yes I do still hand quilt.   Hand quilting is my favorite but I am also enjoying machine quilting.    Hand quilting is a long process and very rewarding!     Machine quilting is a lot faster and sometimes I want to finish a quilt in a week rather than in months .

I always have at least a few hand quilting projects going at any given time.

Here is a video of my one of my current hand quilting projects

Happy Quilting


6 thoughts on “Yes I still hand quilt

  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks so much for making this video! It’s so interesting to see how you hand quilt.

  2. I learned to quilt by hand at a young age. I look at photos and marvel at what I did then. My hands no longer cooperate in that venture and now the only time I hand quilt is when I make one of my “primitive” quilts made from recycled clothing. Then I quilt with a basting needle, big stiches and pearl cotton. Oddly, those are the quilts that people request to buy the most often. In the world of beautiful quilts, I suppose they seem unusual or odd in a way that attract some folks. What I mean to say after this long ramble is that as you get on in age don’t let physical limitations stop your desire to quilt. Evolve and develop a new methods and styles. Sue Summerall Rebel Quilter Ha…..

  3. darlynn says:

    tim, be it by hand or machine, i admire your workmanship!


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