More piecing, garden pictures and a video

last time I posted about a new top I am making called “Table Scraps”


I did some more piecing on that.

I am using 2 inch strips


I sew together 6 and then cut into blocks


Stack up a few of them and then cut the other direction


then rearrange them


then sew them together.   once I have enough done I arrange them in the diamond shape


after they are sewn together I cut them again to be an accurate 45 degree diamond so they will all fit together to make a star


One of my fabric pieces was large enough to do a full diamond unpieced……I like the variety


2 more diamonds to go….I’ll probably piece them a bit differently…I’ll post pictures of that soon.

The finished star should be about 75 inches across and it will get a pieced scrappy border to make a finished quilt of about 85″ square

Today it finally rained……but you really can’t call it a real rain…just enough to get the grass damp and cause the humidity to go up to 90% . It has been so dry!   What we need is a good long all day rain!  I took a few garden pictures shortly after the rain.   (click pictures to enlarge)

I did another video of hand quilting….this one is quilting on an antique applique quilt.

Happy Quilting


11 thoughts on “More piecing, garden pictures and a video

  1. Christine says:

    Tim, I love the quilt and the garden pictures are beautiful, as always. I especially love the roses. Are they by any chance English roses?

  2. Robert B in Denver says:

    My sister lives in Warren and has mentioned about how dry the last month or so has been.

    Is the 8th photo a David Austin rose? It is beautiful. I have 3 by David Austin. “Gertrude Jeykll” is in full bloom and smells wonderful.

    Have a great week!

  3. Pam G. says:

    The quilt is looking good and the garden is Oh So Beautiful. I can almost smell the flowers and especially enjoy seeing the robin. It’s so hot here now there aren’t many birds around. Not sure where they’re hiding but hope their cool.

  4. Cheri says:

    That Lone Star was a surprise. It’s going to be so fun. Have you decided on a background?

    That rain you got was the leftovers of a downpour we got in Minn/Wisc. We’ll send the next one your way!

  5. Love your garden & love the quilt you’re working on! We need rain here, too. Some areas nearby are getting a nice amount, but it just keeps skipping us!


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