Table Scraps Star

I got the star finished.     Every month at my local quilt guild meeting there is a table for members  to give away their unwanted scraps and leftovers.   I made this top with fabrics from that table.

Last time I posted about making the diamonds … see that here

Here it is with the setting pieces ready for stitching.


I sewed it together in 4 sections


here it is finished


My original plan was to do a scrappy border with the same fabrics……I have to think about that.  I never use a pattern, I do always start out with an idea of where I am going with a design but I usually make changes and design as I go.    It is 75″ square now, and it might be nice to make it larger so it fits a bed better, but I think I like it as it is.

Now I need to see what I have for a backing.    I’m looking forward to quilting it.

Happy Quilting




12 thoughts on “Table Scraps Star

  1. Stoney Monte says:

    Now that is a great look. When I first saw what you were doing, I wasn’t so sure about the product. I recognize the process, because that’s how I work. I love scraps. I love to cut apart and rotate columns, rows and geometric designs. I love to smash all kinds of different elements together and just see what happens. Congrats. This is cool, really cool. By the way, my Monday quilt group has a free table and I get tons of scraps that way. Most of mine go into charity quilts because we have great need in northern Wis. Keep on keepin’ on!

  2. gonerustic says:

    Really like this design!

  3. The variety of both scraps and piecing in the diamonds creates a great design!

  4. I’m always wary of plain fabrics (boring?), but the way you’ve sliced and diced them is inspiring 🙂

  5. Pam G. says:

    What a great way to use up scraps! Very resourceful.


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