19 thoughts on “Hand Quilting in a hoop

  1. anngenaske says:

    Thank you for this video. I’ve been considering getting a stand but have been deterred by the cost. Glad to hear my old hoop is in good company!

    • timquilts says:

      Glad it was helpful……Sometimes simple is the best……I think a simple hoop is the best investment I ever made for quilting …and almost the least expensive 🙂

  2. Thanks for all the tips. I bought a plastic hoop many years ago, but have only done my first hand-quilting recently. The quilt is a wall-hanging about 42″ x 48″, and I only used the hoop on the center, which I couldn’t grasp otherwise. Once out of the center I didn’t use the hoop and was able to smooth well with my hands. Most of my pins (as I’d pin-basted, too) were more in the way than not. I must have done something right, as the quilt lies flat and square and smooth. I enjoyed hand-quilting but did not love the hoop. Perhaps a higher quality wooden one would work better for me. And I’d probably forego the stand, though I’ll tell ya, it was hot having the quilt covering me the last couple of weeks. Spreading it out over a table would be a good idea in the warmer months. Thanks again.

    • timquilts says:

      I have tried a few of the plastic hoops and have always gone back to wooden round hoops. but it sounds like you found the way that works for you and that is the most important thing….everyone has a different approach ….Happy Quilting

  3. Linda Dove says:

    Love all your videos! I have been hand quilting for 25 years and am now trying to master machine quilting. Which vintage machine works best for quilting in a treadle?

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks ! I like the larger machines best for most of my machine treadle quilting. Singer model 66 is good and I also like my singer 127 . the Singer model 15 is great but the throat space is a little smaller so it is a bit harder to get a full sized quilt done

  4. Louise C says:

    Ah! The video that I was hoping to see one day and you are the one that made it!! I can’t say how much this video will help me this fall. I have one big hoop that I also got for peanuts in a garage sale. I didn’t know how to hold it on me and in the end, I would hand baste with a cheap thread and then, starting in the middle, quilt with no hoop at all using a fan design pattern (baptist type). This worked fine but I have made more elaborate quilting tops and boy! your video is just what I needed at this time in my learning process. You have so much expertise. Thanks for sharing it, believe me, it is appreciated.

  5. Kirstin says:

    Thanks so much. I have been looking at quilt stands online but always hesitate ordering because I want to see them in use first. For now I’ll stick with my wooden hoop. Thanks for another great video.

  6. Irene vernon says:

    Brilliant – have often considered a hoop on a stand but now I,ve decided to stick to my hand held one,thanks Tim, irene v. Uk

  7. Katherine Pungitore says:

    Love your videos! This one has saved me some money as I had been considering one on a stand. Simple is best. Love the vintage quilt in the video and look forward to seeing it when it’s finished! Thank you.

    • timquilts says:

      thanks….yes I think sometimes simple is all you need……a friend just added another idea that I will try in the future……use a chair back (like a folding chair or dining chair)to hold the hoop and keep the quilt off of you as the stand would do …..sounds like a great idea to me

  8. linda jackson says:

    Thanks for the great detailed video. I am most impressed that you don’t baste with thread, and just use a few pins. I disliked basting so much I would just put the quilt in a UFO pile! No more! I will drag out my “old” wooden hoop and give this a try. Thanks for the inspiration. And Teddy is still the cutest darn dog. I loved his video too.

    • timquilts says:

      thanks! The more quilts I hand quilt the less I baste them……on the other hand the more I do by machine the more I realize I need a lot more basting for machine quilting
      Teddy says thanks too 🙂

  9. Helen Beall says:

    I have tried many hoops on stands, but I always go back to my hand held hoop. Now I want to try quilting at the table, as you suggested for summer. Thank you!

  10. Pam G says:

    Thanks for making/sharing the video! Very helpful. I’m going to my first ever quilt retreat next week north where it’s cool (110+ here in the valley) and may take my Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt to work on. Thanks for the inspiration.


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