Another Snowflake Quilt

I decided to make a snowflake quilt.    I started by cutting a large snowflake that would fit this piece of fabric (about 44 inches square)


I traced the outline onto the fabric and then layered it for quilting.


I am doing the quilting on one of my treadle machines


Here are some pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

I made a few videos of the process so far

Here is Teddy trying it out


I am auditioning a border for the teddy quilt


Here are some more progress pictures of the rose quilt

DSCN0885 DSCN0884 DSCN0883 DSCN0882 DSCN0881

Happy Quilting



16 thoughts on “Another Snowflake Quilt

  1. Glennis Salls says:

    The Rose quilt is just beautiful. thank you for your lessons and inspiration.

  2. Ann Genaske says:

    The fabric and quilting for your latest snowflake is incredible! Well done!

  3. Agnes Crispyn says:

    I like what you’re doing. Love the new snowflake quilt

  4. Pam G says:

    Oh my goodness! You never cease to amaze. I’m sure you have multiple clones in the closet that come out at night and work on all these incredible quilts. And the Teddy quilt… it’s awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your work and knowledge.

  5. Rose in Vt says:

    I’m so glad to see you enjoying both machine and hand quilting! I love both, and being able to do both opens up so many more opportunities when you’re deciding how to finish a quilt.

  6. lauriesannie says:

    It’s perfectly lovely. What do you use to mark the snowflakes?

  7. Sandy Scribner says:

    The Quilt of Teddy is simply adorable. The brown borders look so much like a frame. You really captured his inner look. Love it!

  8. The thread color that you chose to use on the snowflake quilt really shows off the design. You are making such good progress on your other projects, as well. Thanks for sharing the videos of your process!


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