Teddy Update, Trapunto demo, Embroidery

Thanks for all the advice and concern for poor Teddy.    He is fine now….he had a bath with Baking Soda, Hydrogen Peroxide and Dawn dish soap.    That took care of the skunk smell…..he hates getting wet and for him the bath was a much worse experience than the skunk spray 🙂

I did some more Treadle embroidery


Thank you Katherine Schaffer for sending me all that great machine embroidery thread!    I used it for the leaves and stems in this and it worked great

Here is another video of how I do the embroidery on a treadle machine

I decided to add trapunto to the snowflake quilt that I just finished.    I think it will make the design stand out more and be the finishing touch it needed.      I did a video of how to do the trapunto.    This can be done on hand or machine quilted work.

I had such a hard time getting the trapunto video to work ( I spent 7 hours messing with it) but I think it turned out fine in the end.
Happy Quilting




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