As you know I am a bit of a vintage sewing machine nut.    I couldn’t pass this one up.

wizzard machine

It was a mess!     but I knew I could  save it 🙂 ….here is how I did it.

DSCN1059 before and after

Teddy supervised.

DSCN1063 DSCN1062

I decided to piece a new top on the new machine.


I posted a picture of the fabrics a while back


The are all from the scrap table at my local quilt guild.

here is the layout of the center

DSCN1065 DSCN1064

and the start of piecing


I think this one will be big stitch hand quilted….I need to look in my stash to find fabric for the edges and a border.

Happy Quilting


16 thoughts on “Wizard

  1. Dot says:

    This machine was distributed by Western Auto, hence the “WA” at the top of the badge. It surprises me that an auto parts store would sell sewing machines. I’ll bet it’s quite happy to have a spa treatment and start working again. Your gingham is suitable for the age of this machine.

  2. Dorothy says:

    If this was distributed by Western Auto, which i firmly doubt, why does it say “Made in Japan” ???

  3. civilwarlady says:

    You are a wizard at restoring these old machines, Tim. Your tenacity amazes me! Huzzah!

  4. Li says:

    Great video on the basic steps to clean up a machine. What a difference it makes to clean out all the crud. You have enlightened me on using WD40 appropriately and I like the hint about 40 steel wool. The sound was great also. I had trouble making out your narrative on the first few early videos. Thank you.

  5. Mary Britton says:

    Western Auto was a great hardware store in small towns in the 50s. They sold just about everything you needed for the home as well as auto and garden. They sold radios and TVs, and hi-fi and stereos too. It is very likely that they contracted with a Japanese maker of sewing machines to build their machines with their label.

  6. The Wizard cleaned up nicely! The gingham triangle quilt is fun, too!

  7. Susie Q says:

    here is a write up about a 28 wt thread for machine applique …..


  8. Emily says:

    Are you keeping well Tim?

  9. Helenanne says:

    Have missed seeing posts from you and.getting updated on Teddy’s progress as your quilt supervisor and consultant. Hope all is well and that you’ve just been busy in the garden and rescuing vintage machines.

  10. Lindsay says:

    Tim, I hope you are doing something fun but I’m thinking of you either way.

  11. Ann says:

    I hope that you and Teddy are OK?
    Jim broke his leg a few weeks ago and I’ve been so wrapped up in his care that time went by, and I thought…Hey! Haven’t seen a post from Tim!!
    Thinking of you and hoping all is well- Ann

  12. Linda says:

    Tim–have missed you. I hope all is well–

  13. Sarah says:

    I’ve never commented before but I always come and check out your site to see what projects you are working on. Hope you’re alright!

  14. Rose in VT says:

    Tim: I hope you’re ok? Miss your posts.

  15. Nancy says:

    hi Tim… I just read yesterday’s blog post. I was astonished people would make negative comments about your machine quilting. What immediately jumped out to me in that post was when you said “…. what was expected of me”. What I would expect is for you to do and write about what makes YOU happy! That’s what I want to read! Carry on!


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