Singer 66-18

What is a sewing machine hoarder to do when he goes to an antique mall and sees this for 25 dollars?


Of course I had to buy it.

I already have 2 other Singer 66 machines but this one is a newer model.    1941 based on the serial number.



The wiring is shot so I didn’t even test the motor or light.   The cabinet is painted and the paint is peeling.  I didn’t mind that because I plan to put it in one of my treadle bases.

I took off the motor and light and then took off all the plates to clean and oil it.

Here is some of the lint I got out of the bobbin area and the feed dogs.

dscn1486 dscn1485

It really was not bad as old machines go.    I got it cleaned and it is ready to put in the treadle tomorrow for a test run.

It takes class 66 bobbins, standard low shank presser feet and standard needles so I have everything I need.

dscn1488 dscn1487

I think I will sand and paint the cabinet….I almost left it at the store but didn’t have a screw driver to get the machine out of the cabinet.  It turns out that the cabinet is not bad at all….just the paint is ugly and peeling.   I have a few machines that I use corded and the cabinet will work for those.

I’ll let you know how it works soon

Happy Quilting



37 thoughts on “Singer 66-18

  1. Sara says:

    You hoarder! HAHA! Can’t wait to see the outcome! Nice one!

    • timquilts says:

      LOL……there is going to be a tv show about us……me with machines and quilt tops…others with piles and plies of fabric….others with every quilt gadget ever made…..or 8 million patterns …….

  2. Kathy says:

    It looks like a well worn work horse. I’m glad you saved it!

  3. Suzette Shoulders says:

    Tim, you fill me with good cheer! WOW! What a buy, and what an AMAZINg pile of lint, LOL! I would love to see your collection of machines in person, but the next -best thing is to see them on your blog. You are the greatest! Thanks for sharing your finds and your wonderful quilts with us all, and Happy Thanksgiving, Suzette in Oregon

  4. Carolyn Black says:

    Now you just need to learn to quilt on 2 machines at the same time. I think we all have a disease. Never enough, fabric, supplies or anything to do with quilting.

  5. Rebecca Nairne says:

    I don’t think I could leave it behind either. I love older sewing machines ❤️

  6. Ruby says:

    As a SM collector myself I appreciate the attraction! Had such fun over the years finding them, and now downsizing! Back then they knew how to make a quality machine!

  7. Kristen says:

    Ah, I saw Singer 66 and I thought, right, that’s how many Singers he has. Now I see I was wrong; it’s 18 Singers you have…right? 😉

  8. That is positively archaeological lint! I’m glad you found another lonely Singer to adopt. Those old machines still have life in ’em 🙂

    • timquilts says:

      yes they do…..they are pretty much indestructible ……and if you arent a treadle person a new motor is easy to get …..but I am not good at rewiring the old motors so I always only buy machines that can fit a treadle

  9. Rose in Vt says:

    That looks like my Minnesota E! What is that textured finish called?
    Great find

  10. Jaydee Price says:

    What a find. She just needs some cleaning and some love. A good bargain. Have a good Thanksgiving.

  11. Bonnie Lindsay says:

    Can’t wait to see this machine in action in the treadle cabinet! I have a 66 that I plan to clean and restore and am hoping to get it in a treadle cabinet.

  12. Susan says:

    I love that you rescued another machine….all you need to do is get Teddy to agree to learn to sew…I had no luck convincing my Brittany that she should help me finish some UFOs. Maybe Teddy is more amenable.

  13. joandstella says:

    My Singer 66 was born in 1942 so its 4 years younger than me , sews the straightest line possible and I love it. It now needs to be re-wired though and I wonder how difficult this could be for a rookie (yes, me!) Do you have any books that would describe this process, or advice?
    Thanks, Jo

    • timquilts says:

      rewiring is not my strong suit. I have done a few simple fixes but I dont feel like I know enough about it to instruct others one it. I think it is probably easiest to replace the motor…here is a video about it

  14. I have a love for sewing machines as well. I have nine 😉 You saved that machine and one day it will be beautiful again!

  15. velialauermanhandquilter says:


  16. I just bought a 201k 2 but the hand wheel is really hard to turn I’ve had the wheel off it’s pretty clean, what else can I try I’ve cleaned and oiled every where.

  17. Lovely Machine, I just bought an old 201k2 but the wheel is very tight to turn and needle will not go up and down it did to start with then stopped. Any ideas please

    • timquilts says:

      the 201-2 is gear driven with a pot motor on the back…….I would look at the gearing and be sure that is lubricated with singer machine lubricant ( not oil but the gear lubricant) and the re oil it everyplace that the manual tell you and everywhere there is a moving part even if the manual doesn’t say it is an oil spot….and don’t be shy about using a LOT of oil…..then turn it by hand slowly for a few minutes….then let it sit for a few hours….oil it agin and hand turn……then after a few hours try to run it with the motor………if it goes run it hard and fast for several min to really get the oil into it ….then wipe off any excess oil and you should be good to go


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