End of the Garden Season

Monday is the last day the city will pick up garden waste so I got some garden cleanup done.  My composer if full to the brim so it has to go out in bags for city pickup. (the city will compost it)

here are a few of the bags


Fall came very late this year so there are still trees with leaves and I could rake every day ….because they blow in from everywhere.

Lots of plants needed to be cut back…..if they don’t get done now it will have to be done in the spring.

Some things I don’t cut back.  I think the ornamental grasses look great all winter.


I have some ferns that are evergreen.


Hydrangea look pretty even when they lose all their leaves.


The oak leaf hydrangea has pretty fall color


The dogwood still has pretty colored leaves.


The fairy rose is not ready to quit


lots of leaves to clean out of the beds.


when I look past the work it does look pretty.


I did a bit of quilting.    I am making another bag using recycled Jeans legs.  Doing the free motion quilting on the Singer 66-18.  Here is the front panel.


Happy Gardening/quilting


26 thoughts on “End of the Garden Season

  1. Pat says:

    I cleaned up my yard and garden today also before it rains the rest of the week. Love your postings.

  2. Deb says:

    So glad to see your garden again, I missed it when you were not posting as regularly!

  3. Linda says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished bag from the jeans legs! Denim is so hard wearing and your quilting is making it gorgeous! I always end up with way more leaves than I can fit in my compost, but I figure the rest will compost in the yard over the Winter, so all is good.

    • timquilts says:

      🙂 I use the lawn mower to shred them up before they go in the composter ( the compost much faster that way) but I dont like to leave them on the grass because the snow pack them down and makes dead patches

  4. jean f says:

    If you leave the leaves in the bed, it becomes good mulch for the plants.

    • timquilts says:

      if I had the right space it would……..but the leaves in most of the beds prevent the plants from emerging properly ……and pile up against the fence ….and provide hiding spaces for rodents,

  5. Glenda johnstone says:

    I feel a smile coming when I see your name in my email . Your quilting is beautiful and inspirational. Your garden stories and pictures I love. I pray that you know how talented
    You are.

  6. Donna Mease says:

    You live in Mich, right? What fern stays evergreen?! I will have to try them in Kansas.

  7. Wow…roses and green grass after Thanksgiving! In Lansing?!? (I am orginally a Michigander and went to school there — now live in San Francisco Bay Area) I adore your blog and everything you create.

  8. Nancy says:

    When we lived in Lansing we would fill over 70 of those bags, and have plenty for mulching and composting etc. come spring we’d take up another 30. Just seeing those bags in your photo makes me tired!

  9. Mrs. Plum says:

    Your garden and quilting both look great, Tim!

  10. Jennifer says:

    Thank you Tim. I love your garden. The autumn colours are magical and the bareness of winter is breathtaking. (we don’t get fall and you would laugh at what we call winter here. If the daytime max falls below 64 we think it is freezing!) Thank you

  11. Stoney Monte says:

    I’m with you on letting some things stay for the winter. Red osier dogwoods and hydrangeas are a landing platform for my birds as they fly in to the feeders, along with the pines which offer shelter. I love autumn because it feels like I’ll have so much more quilt time coming.

  12. Bilva says:

    What a beautiful fall garden!

  13. Ginney says:

    This has been a bizarre autumn. Here in Iowa our grass is still green and my roses are still blooming as well.


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