Bags……busy with bags

I have been so busy sewing bags I have not had time to blog…… ( getting orders filled but each bag takes a few days)

dscn1589-2 dscn1589

I am making progress….

We had 10 inches of wet snow and I wore myself out shoveling that……and the forecast is for -0 degrees by Thursday!  I have a lot of new quilting projects planned……and I hope to make some time to write about them soon.

Right now I have some of my quilts for sale on Etsy,    .  Many are priced at what is essentially my cost to make them but I need room, and frankly I could use a little end of the year income.    Prices will be back to reasonable (closer to what they are worth) after Christmas.

Happy Quilting




12 thoughts on “Bags……busy with bags

  1. Linda says:

    Tim, are you going to sell your bags? The cold and snow has settled in here in my area, too. I’m not ready, but it’s here LOL 🙂

  2. katechiconi says:

    The bags look beautiful, and I like that you’ve used good quality hardware and accessories for them. If you’re going to sell them, they should go well.

  3. Your quilts and bags and journals are amazing. But which Singer are you using? A 206 or 306 variant.

    • timquilts says:

      that machine is a 206, but a very old one, made pre-WWII in the german factory. They produced them there for a short time before 1940 (Singer bought the patent from Pfaff, which is why they 206 is so much like the pfaff 130 but they were required, based on the purchase agreement, to make a fe changes to it. anyway it is one from the original production in germany….. they started making the 206 again after the war at other factories because the german factory was dismantle and all the equipment went to russia ……anway I use that machine for heavy duty zig zag

  4. Chris Wells says:

    Your bags are wonderful. Your Talents are above and beyond. Seams in working with denim are quite tricky. Keep up the good work. Chris.

  5. ellennorman says:

    I’m so sorry Tim, I didn’t know you just had a birthday! Happy belated birthday!

  6. Louise C says:

    Those bags are so gorgeous and a good way to practice free-motion quilting, like you suggest in your video. I would have liked to wish you a nice birthday and next year, if I am still there, I will try to send my best to you before it arrives! Merry Christmas, Tim!!! At least, I am still ahead for that one!!! Hugs XX


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