Snow etc.

It has been snowing a lot.

When the snow is deeper than Teddy’s legs I really have no choice but to shovel it πŸ™‚

I have been busy making blue denim bags to fill orders but I took a break from that to do a white bag.Β Β Β  here is a video.

I finished it and listed it for sale.

dscn1619 dscn1618 dscn1617 dscn1616dscn1615

It sold within 5 minutes.

still hand quilting every night…..I’ll get some pictures of that soon.


Happy Quilting


20 thoughts on “Snow etc.

  1. Deb says:

    Oh dear.. it looks cold! Glad the bag sold so quickly for you.πŸ‘πŸ˜„

  2. Ann says:

    That’s a beautiful bag, no wonder it sold so quickly!!

    Lots of snow here yesterday too, but then it rained all day today. Now the deep freeze is going to turn it all to cement tonight! Happy shoveling!

  3. Warm Quilts says:

    Congratulations on building up the dexterity needed, over this past year, to perfect your free motion style, treadle quilting. Practice, practice – great advice. The white denim quilting video is terrific!

  4. Linda says:

    I absolutely LOVE your bags! Nice job, Tim! We’ve gotten buried under snow, too. And the cold is bone-chilling. This morning it was 20 below zero.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Hi Tim
    Your bag is terrific – you are a true artist. Thank you for the snow photos. It is hard for me to believe that your garden, while completely buried in snow now will revive to its beautiful summer state again next year. Amazing!

  6. Ellyn Wood says:


  7. Robert B in Denver says:

    Beautiful bag!

    And the sound of the treadle takes me back. Not sure where as my Mother used my Grandmother’s only a few times. A comforting sound to me though.

  8. Martha says:

    You have obviously hit on a fabulous product. Your bags are both beautiful and unique — and I hope they are also profitable and enjoyable to make.

    Watching the wonderful videos of your treadle machine quilting is fascinating. I find myself trolling Criag’s List for treadle machines, even though I have no idea where I’d put it.

    Thank you for all that you share — I am inspired by everything you create.

  9. Tina Williams says:

    That is gorgeous! I think you are on to something. I hope you are including a sewn in in label with your name. Once they see them, folks are going to start wanting these original designer pieces.

  10. acromer2012 says:

    Your treadle quilting has inspired me to get my treadle going again. Thank you.


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