Monkey business

I am working on the hand quilting of the blue rose quilt.   I will be doing a video of the quilting process but I need to work out the best placement for the camera so that you can see what I am doing.     I did a test today and I need to find a different solution…..but here is the test (no sound just a short test)

I think Ill try an overhead camera , I just need to figure out how to do that 🙂

Teddy is working on unstuffing his new monkey (not to worry, it is a dog toy from the pet store)


he has also been watching my feet go up and down as I treadle quilt.   I have been making tote bags

dscn1702 dscn1705 dscn1722 dscn1726 dscn1721

I am taking orders for the bags here
I’ll work on the hand quilting video this week…..

Happy Quilting


14 thoughts on “Monkey business

  1. Mrs. Plum says:

    Gorgeous as always, Tim!

  2. Ann says:

    OMG, that ginkgo bag is to die for Tim!! Just beautiful!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Lovely oriental foliage motifs on the bags! That combined with the denim and leather is a wonderful juxtaposition of delicate and utilitarian.

  4. Kristen says:

    Those photos of the bamboo and gingko on blue pushed me over the edge — I just ordered mine. Admittedly that one you’re making now is for someone else, but I want one just like it!

  5. Neame says:

    Beautiful bags. Love the motifs you quilt into the textile. Ginko is one of my faves.

  6. Irene vernon says:

    Your work is magnificent Tim,I love to watch you,what size of needle do you use hand quilting?

  7. Irene vernon says:

    Just read in one of your articles which size needle – this has answered my query Tim, thank you so much.

  8. Dorothy says:

    I bought one of your leather journal covers, which to my amazement came with a “journal” inside !! I love it !! Now looking at these bags I have fallen in love again. You do fantastic work I will have to order one of these too

  9. Wow! The totes are spectacular!

  10. Louise C says:

    Your bags are beautiful and so inspiring, Tim, and I enjoy very much your videos, all of them. I learn so much with you, you are a fabulous teacher. Always calm, it is not stressing to listen to you. Please don’t stop your videos and thanks for making them.

  11. Ginney says:

    It’s amazing to me that you can hand quilt without a thimble. Your bags are just wonderful!

  12. Marianne says:

    Gorgeous work of a true artist on those bags. Speaking of artist, I am enthralled with the two quilts I bought from your Etsy store. Silly me, I have loved your work for so long, but felt compelled to resist because after all, I think of myself as a “quilter”, with an embarrassingly large amount of fabric. Certainly I can’t justify buying quilts. It finally hit me that you are a true artist working in a textile medium, not a “quilter” in my sense of the word. So in the end, I bought true art! So happy the light bulb finally went on! Having seen both quilts in progress in your videos, and loved them, I was stunned at how much more beautiful and fine they are in real life. I continue to be mesmerized by them.

    That is the best picture of sweet Teddy! Such a mischevious look! My Hazel has that look way too often, and not often enough of the sweet dignified look of Teddy. I enjoy both sides of Teddy.

    Love, love, love your work and sewing machines!

  13. Li says:

    The angle of the test video showcases the whole hoop well. I like learning about the loose tension of the quilt in the hoop. This gave a really good idea of the angle and frequency of the stitches.


  14. Joyce Barham says:

    how beautiful are the bags and journal covers. You do beautiful work! But, what touched my heart was Teddy’s monkey. My mom made me a sock monkey when I was growing up. I really loved that monkey and dressed in doll clothes. Alas, it finally wore out and I don’t know what Mom did with it. Maybe she recycled it for my little sister. I just can’t remember. Thanks for sharing about Teddy’s monkey! My grandson, who is a teenager now, grew up loving monkeys, too. (The stuffed kind, of course) This is what we share many times over the years.


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