Singer VS2 running

I got the old Singer running…..

and I found some pictures of one from an old auction record

That helped to know what I needed to look for in the top and base.

I found a top that is in very bad shape but it is the same as this pictures above so I ordered it and will work on restoring it.

I also found a few bases but have not decided if I want to buy one ( the top will fit on one of my existing bases)
anyway this 18 dollar machine has the potential of being very expensive!

here is a longer video I did

I will post some more pictures when I get it all cleaned up and put together….
I did try some Free Motion quilting on it and it works great!

Happy Quilting

18 thoughts on “Singer VS2 running

  1. Sara says:

    Looks good! I have 2 White treadles that need work and didn’t you post at one time, about what you used to clean them and what not to use on them? They both need new belts. Are they all a standard treadle belt for the most part?

    • timquilts says:

      yes…they are all standard….you will need to cut the belt to fit your machine, they make them a bit longer than needed so you can cut to size. I use sewing machine oil and a cloth ( and lots of elbow geese) to clean the body…..shiny metal parts I use fine steel wool ( I also use wd-40 to clean but most sewing machine people think that is a bad idea but it works great for me )

  2. Annette Young says:

    Love it. Your so cleaver๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

  3. Katherine says:

    Tim – would love to send you the package with the extra needles but do not have an address. Can you tell me where to send them? Thanks — Katherine

  4. kath snow says:

    following your progress and success with great interest, thank you for
    all the blogs etc., keep em coming please!!!

  5. Patrick Campbell says:

    You did a beautiful job restoring that old sewing machine. Hats off to you.

  6. Rose in VT says:

    Wow, I didn’t think that machine would clean up that well! I’m curious, what makes you decide which machines are worth restoring? I have a treadle that doesn’t sew as smoothly as your clips, and I’m wondering if the quality of some isn’t a good as others. It also will go backward very easily, which often breaks the thread. When I get it going the stitch itself looks great, but I’m afraid to try getting a ‘better’ machine in case it isn’t the machine. You know what I mean!

    • timquilts says:

      it takes practice to learn to treadle smoothly……the going backward is not the machine, it is how the treadle is operated, I started with one, and then kept going, and they all seem to work great once they are oiled and cleaned so it doesnt seem to me that the machine really makes a great deal of difference for normal stitching (some do better than others for free motion quilting) I look for machines that will take a standard needle (lots of the old machines take needles that arent made anymore) Singers are always a good bet, I have so many now :4 singer 127’s four 66’s 4 15’s so now I look for the rare ones…..this one is pretty rare and I find that appealing…..I also am going for newer machines (from the 50’s and 60’s) that I can use in the treadle ….because then I can get some more modern features like zig zag etc.

  7. Sue says:

    You will love it all the more since you are spending more $$.

    Sue Mckelvy Jones Treadle & Hand cranks

  8. Glenda johnstone says:

    Cutest machine… I would love to know how old it is.
    Tim, remember I smile when I see your name on an email!

  9. Darlynn Venne says:

    totally off topic~
    being a nurse, i see veins like yours and drool!
    anyone have an IV start kit????
    happy quilting~


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